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  1. SuperSaiyan21

    Cop arrests on-duty firefighter

    What the heck :wtf: Good thing it was caught on camera, or it would be tough to believe: A California Highway Patrol officer put an on-duty Chula Vista firefighter in handcuffs for refusing to move his truck while tending to victims of a car crash. Cop handcuffs on-duty firefighter for not...
  2. SuperSaiyan21

    School District Bans Father-Daughter Dances After Single Mom Complains

    School District Bans Father-Daughter Dances After Single Mom Complains | Parenting - Yahoo! Shine :facepalm: This doesn't really suprise me but what does everyone else think? Discuss?
  3. SuperSaiyan21

    Bee careful...

    Forgot to share this encounter I had last Friday afternoon when I left work for the day at lunchtime. The college I work for has designated spots for employee parking around campus. Obviously spring time is here so out come the birds and bees right? I was the only one walking out towards the...
  4. SuperSaiyan21

    RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

    I used to watch wrestling back in the day and he was quite popular... Report: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage dies in a car crash - Y! Sports Blogs - Yahoo! Sports
  5. SuperSaiyan21

    Boy robbed stricken Pittsburgh Pirates usher

    PITTSBURGH – Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy accused of robbing an usher who worked at the baseball stadium where the Pittsburgh Pirates play after he stopped his car while having a heart attack on his way home from an extra-inning game. Police aren't identifying the suspect because...
  6. SuperSaiyan21

    Cleveland still bitter over Lebron???

    I thought this topic would get more exposure in its own thread. Check out the guy on the right taking the picture, apparently yahoo didn't catch it :lol: And LMFAO at the whole incident to begin with :lol::lol::lol...
  7. SuperSaiyan21

    Grinding noise when turning

    A couple weeks back my stang was making somewhat of a grinding noise from the front of the car. It's more noticeable when I'm backing out of the driveway or pulling into a parking spot, basically during a turn. I initially thought it was the brakes so I had them replaced at Pep Boys since...
  8. SuperSaiyan21

    Woman punched by police officer

    This cop doesn't mess around :lol:
  9. SuperSaiyan21

    Happy Birthday DE

    Have a good one Alex...
  10. SuperSaiyan21

    Happy Birthday Taylor

    Have a good one...
  11. SuperSaiyan21

    Happy Birthday LTD

    Happy Birthday CJ, have a good one...
  12. SuperSaiyan21

    Happy Birthday Sanchez

    Happy Birthday :cool:
  13. SuperSaiyan21

    Anyone know where to stream HBO (BAD) boxing???

    I already have a program when it comes to PPV events but since I'm not at home right now I wanted to know if any of you peeps knows where I can stream the regular BAD (Boxing after Dark) from for HBO. Any help is appreciated :thumbup:
  14. SuperSaiyan21

    Nikko vs Sean

    Since there are battles going on all over 3.8 I thought we could debate on which superpower would prevail... Discuss...
  15. SuperSaiyan21

    Raymond Sr. The Sequel

    **** YOU for getting my thread deleted. I expected this **** from your parents but not from you ray-ray, this is why you get treated like that ray cause you let them treat you like a bitch :mad: *throws finger* **** YOU
  16. SuperSaiyan21

    Iran test fires missiles...

    Iran test fired 9 missiles, prelude to a future hostile act?...Discuss...
  17. SuperSaiyan21

    Super Mario Kart Wii

    Ok ****ers, who is going to get this when it gets released on Sunday :confused: I better see you bitches online and that includes you Nikko :lol:
  18. SuperSaiyan21

    Hilarious moment at work right now...

    There was a student walking around the Administration Building here on campus with a petition to legalize marijuana. The funny part is that he had a megaphone and was walking all around the building shouting at random people to sign. My friend and I were on the 2nd floor picking out people that...
  19. SuperSaiyan21

    Night Vision Surveillance Camera

    Currently I'm shopping around for a surveillance kit for my home. This is pretty much just for piece of mind and safety reasons. I would prefer to have the following specs: wireless, night vision, decent range, and most importantly good quality cause i know its not going to be cheap. Any...
  20. SuperSaiyan21

    Happy Birthday Novaspyder

    Since nobody else gives a **** I guess I'll take one for the team... Have a good one...:thumbup: