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  1. fasternu_674

    Parting out or sell complete.

    Parting out my engine and tranny. H/C/I Package: $1200 plus shipping Comp cams performance cam. Part Number: 44-000-9 (.548/.548 Lift, 224/224 Duration, 112 LSA) I do have cam card and will be shipped along with pacakge RPM CNC port and polish heads Port and polished upper and lower intake...
  2. fasternu_674

    New Suspension Questions

    I am planning on re-doing my suspension and got stuck when it comes to what springs to use. Here is the set-up I am looking at now. :thumbup: MM CC Plates :thumbup: MM XL Full length Sub frame connectors :thumbup: MM Heavy Duty Adjustable Lower Control Arms :thumbup: Tokico D-Spec Shocks and...
  3. fasternu_674

    Black Chrome Saleens?

    Any one have any pics of black chrome saleens on a black mustang? I am wanting to swap wheels and am tossing around the idea of saleens. Either chrome or black chrome. Let me know what you think.
  4. fasternu_674

    Bunch of parts for sale!!

    Here is what I have left after my H/C/I swap. Most parts have 85,000 miles on them and are from a 2000. Everything worked perfectly when removed. Stock headers Make Offer Complete EGR minus Vacuum Lines Make Offer Stock Cats Make Offer Stock heads with valves and springs Make Offer Stock...
  5. fasternu_674

    H/C/I Complete!!!

    Well I completed my H/C/I swap over my thanksgiving break and wow my car really woke up. I couldn't believe the difference. Car pulls hard throughout the entire RPM range. I love it. Check my sig for specs on everything. Just a few for more bolt on's and then time to put some boost to it. :D:D:D
  6. fasternu_674

    Upcoming H/C/I swap

    Ok guys I will be doing my H/C/I swap in about 2 weeks. I am planning on taking it slow and labeling everything so I won't have any problems with the vacuum lines. Any special tools I need? Should I invest in a CPS alignment tool? Is there anything I really need to know before I start tearing...
  7. fasternu_674

    Rear Bumper choice

    Ok guys. I am pretty sure on what I want but I want to see what you all think before I make the purchase. I currently have the Saleen front, mach II hood, gt side scoops, stock side skirts, stock rear bumper. I am going to get the Saleen side skirts and a Saleen rear bumper but I am not 100%...
  8. fasternu_674

    MM HD Adjustable LCA's

    What do you think of Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Lower control arms? I will be soon re-doing my suspension. I need a drop bad. What springs should I pair the lowers with? Eibach pro-kit? Some MM springs? I want a corner carver but I also want a good launch off the line. Is this possible? Also...
  9. fasternu_674

    Max Hp with bolt-on's?

    Does anyone have any numbers on the max rwhp for a full bolt-on V6? Meaning no power adders. Is 300 rwhp possible? Thanks!
  10. fasternu_674

    Top end break in?

    I was curious if there was a break in period for a new top end? If there is how long? Thanks
  11. fasternu_674

    91 8.8 on a 00 V6?

    How much work needs to be done to the axle to run it on my 2000? I can get it for $150. Need to know as soon as possible thanks!
  12. fasternu_674

    Feeler Thread: Complete Top end for 00

    I will be doing a H/C/I swap in November and was wondering if anyone would be interested in my old stock parts. Not exactly sure what is all worth but I am sure someone will chime in and let me know. Car will have about 86,000 miles on it when I pull everything. Stock heads (complete assembled)...
  13. fasternu_674

    Question about MAC Longtubes

    Ok I am going to buy a set of MAC longtubes and was wondering if any GT catted H or X pipe will bolt up to the longtubes. Also what do I need to do to modify my current catback to work with the new X or H pipe? All opinions and advice on what to do is welcome. Thanks!!
  14. fasternu_674

    H/C/I swap

    I am going to be doing a H/C/I swap over thanksgiving and was curious as to how long and in depth it is. I consider myself mechanically inclined (I rebuild 4 stroke atv race motors all the time.) Any threads on how to do the swap? Is it pretty straight forward? Any info would be helpful...
  15. fasternu_674

    Thoughts on this cam

    What do you all think of this cam? 224/224 dur, 112 lsa, .548 lift
  16. fasternu_674

    Running the quarter with new gears.

    Ok I am considering getting an 8.8 and dropping 3.73's in it. Right now when I run the quarter I am pegged in 3rd. Does everyone else go ahead and shift into 4th running the quarter. I am about to do a H/C/I swap so my power will be jumping up. I also have a supercharger in the future plans. My...
  17. fasternu_674

    2001 V6 FS This guy is nuts!! Check out the price of that thing.
  18. fasternu_674

    Super Six Motorsports Power Pak

    Does anyone have these or have experience with them? I am wanting to step up in power and have plenty of reliability. I am also planning on supercharging/turbo it later so should I go ahead with the Stage 3 or just the Stage 2+? Also what gains can you get from their sheet metal upper rather...
  19. fasternu_674

    Contemplating the spray.

    Is the power worth it or will I just wind up wanting to make the power there always? I thought about getting a power pak from SSM but haven't heard much on them other than they are a good company. Any info or advice?
  20. fasternu_674

    Tokico Advanced Handling System?

    Anyone know about this kit? I know everyone always gets the tokico shocks paired with eilbach springs. Would the complete tokico package be better than separate brands? Also how about the eilbach complete handleing system, that comes with springs, shocks, and sway bars? I am planning on dropping...