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  1. CJ

    Math Formula / Loan Help

    I'm sure someone here is far better at Excel/Numbers than I am. I'm trying to calculate interest properly on a loan I gave a client. $10,000 over 12 months starting 08/14/2014 at 12% APR + 3% Finance Fee (Total Loan Amount is $10,300) 09/01/14 Paid: $468 10/01/14 Paid: $935 11/01/14 Paid...
  2. CJ

    Whats Up

    Going to be up late tonight, whats new here? Seems like Off-Topic is loosing some of its mojo lately!
  3. CJ

    Baseball Memorabilia & Cards

    We were walking through a new house we bought and in the master bedroom it was filled with old baseball cards, autographed baseballs and other random stuff like autographed baseball bats, footballs, and hats. There are literally tens of thousands of cards, many lose in cases and quite a few...
  4. CJ

    Obamacare Fail

    “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” – Barack Obama Obama lying to the American people, website disaster and hundreds of...
  5. CJ

    Official I cannot find Official Water Sports Thread

    I'm going to buy a jet ski since my girl is moving onto a lake with a nice dock and it's a good size lake (Lake Conway for Orlando folk). I'm looking for a used jetski I'm looking for up to $5k, there are a ton on CraigsList but I really don't know where to start or specific brands to look for...
  6. CJ

    Happy BD BT Jeff

    Pump it up big style my *****
  7. CJ

    Charles Ramsey 2016

    Greatest thing that has ever happened to America. Did not see a thread for him yet....
  8. CJ

    'Other' Storage Usage on iPhones

    Anyone notice that 'Other' is taking up a ton of space on the iPhone? 7.71GB on mine is being taken up by that, many of things online suggest clearing history/cookies/cache but nothing seems to work to well. Any of you ever fix that to open up storage space?
  9. CJ

    Email Accounts go right to Spam

    IT guru's I have a question, my company (and personal) emails go to peoples Spam 80% of the time, primarily because we send mailshots to our large database regularly through those accounts but is there a way to 'refresh' or 'un-spam' the email accounts so even individual emails actually make it...
  10. CJ

    Brand new iPad 3 64gb WiFi + 3G (Verizon)

    Brand new iPad 3 64gb WiFi + 3G (Verizon) Black Still in box $829 retail $729 shipped!
  11. CJ

    Server, Phone Line, IT Stuff

    I got a bunch of these IT supplies laying around the office, does anyone or their company have use for them?
  12. CJ

    64gb 3G/Wifi Ipad 2 (Black)

    For Sale Ipad 2, top of the line model. 64gb, wifi & AT&G 3G, black face with minor scratches/bumps in the corners but glass is 100% clean and of course it is 100% operational. Will come in original box and papers! $829 original price. $600 Shipped!
  13. CJ

    Website Creation/Online Credit Card Terminal

    When I sell a property I have to go through the old school method of emailing the client a .PDF of the Reservation Form (1 page that get names/info/property details/price) and another that is a Credit Card Authorization Form so I can take a deposit on a credit card ($5k). Then they scan it...
  14. CJ

    Mountain Lion

    FTW. Get it now :thumbup:
  15. CJ

    Latest scam on Craigslist

    So who has seen this latest scam on Craigslist? I am trying to sell my iPad on there and had 2 people send me the exact same inquiry. The other person who sent this sent another email reassuring how Paypal is safe and i can even wait till the funds clear etc. So how does this scam work...
  16. CJ

    11" Macbook Air

    Selling my Macbook Air 11", works perfectly minor blemishes on the case. Comes with original box and charger. $815 shipped
  17. CJ

    Google AdWords

    I'm sure there has to be some guys on here who good and understand GoogleAdWords. I am looking to put some cash into that and trying to figure out some stuff about it. How do you determine how much to bid on each keyword phrase? Basically trying to figure out how to make this work good!
  18. CJ

    Any guys really good with Excel or Apple Numbers?

    Ok I have 2 Excel Files 1 of which has 215,000 emails in it. And the other list has 6,500 email addresses that have to be removed from the original list of 215,000. So I am hoping there is a way to select/find multiple cells at once in Excel so I can just highlight the 6,500 and find them in...
  19. CJ

    Magazine Deals

    There has not been any good magazine subscription deals posted in a while...does anyone have some deal posts??
  20. CJ

    Help me chose my new logo!

    I got the drafts for my new logo design finished finally so I can remake my website and cards and stationary etc except I'm torn on which I like the best. Let's poll it out :thumbup: