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  1. punypony

    Vacuum line help

    you need the evap line for the gas tank to work properly, heat/cold causes it to expand and contract and if it is not properly evacuated by the evap system you will eventually have problems, unless you get a vented cap.
  2. punypony

    SCCA SN95 Road Racing Build

    are you allowed to use aftermarket k-members? if so that saves a bunch of weight, and the factory front brakes weigh a ton, even the 99+ calipers would be a significant weight savings.
  3. punypony

    Kim Jong Il dead

    now who are we gonna mock....
  4. punypony

    So you get a girls number...

    I would tell her how you feel about her, then in the same breath say what you are looking for in a relationship. If your needs differ and she needs to think about it, then let her, but start talking to other girls, don't just sit around and wait. My rule of thumb for texting is to always keep...
  5. punypony

    Subaru BRZ/ Toyota GT 86

    been following it, needs a turbo.
  6. punypony


    for leather 200 is good, for cloth i'd pay maybe 100 if they were pristine.
  7. punypony

    Build/introduction thread

    if you are planning to keep the a/c just follow the instructions on how to modify the line. If not then just get rid of everything and cap off whats left. the intercooler you can mount behind the bumper support and use some aluminum tabs to mount it (you can buy strips of aluminum at most...
  8. punypony

    5.0 into a 02 v6?

    you would still be doing the same amount of wiring with an older motor as you would with a newer 4.6, unless you went carb'd which wouldn't be the best idea for a daily driver.
  9. punypony

    5.0 into a 02 v6?

    yeah i'd kinda have to agree, it would make more sense imo to do an ls1 swap into a v6 car than a most cases with cam only you are over 400
  10. punypony

    5.0 into a 02 v6?

    the explorer 5.0l would be the best swap candidate, it has edis, obdII and a returnless fuel system. not to mention better heads and intakes. you would need the pcm and wiring harness, you would also need a tune to eliminate pats, you'll need 94/95 mounts and a k-member for a 5.0l stock or...
  11. punypony

    2014 Corvette

    the rear looks like complete ****.
  12. punypony

    40 + 40 x 0 + 1= ?

  13. punypony

    Proud owner of gt

    this thread sure provides some laughs.
  14. punypony

    BBK Gripp Control Arms, yay or nay?

    it probably wont be that bad if you install the lowers alone but there are a lot of better designed control arms out there...
  15. punypony

    Yup... another new guy...

    there are plenty of threads on here that deal with performance, everything from bolt on's, built motors, nitrous, superchargers and turbos just have to use the search button. this pretty much covers it all:
  16. punypony

    Bonestock3.8DTH introduction!

    you're better off buying a complete 4.2 which already has split port can find some with really low miles since the last year they were made was 08
  17. punypony

    Serbstang's build!

    make sure you put some orings on those injectors....
  18. punypony

    Basically finished

    its going to be very loud without a muffler...if you daily drive the car i wouldn't do it.
  19. punypony

    WCC Camo Camaro Fetches $333K for the Troops.

    that thing is ****ing disgusting.