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  1. Austin Klinedinst

    My $1300, 2005 Mustang

    Ok so I bought another V6 mustang. BUT this was pretty much a deal I couldn't pass up. Since I'm driving the Saturn right now, I think that this will make for a better daily driver than the Saturn, and I have every intention of either dropping a 5.0 into it, or if I'm too lazy I'll just flip...
  2. Austin Klinedinst

    Not new here but got a new V6

    So back in January we bought my wife an 07 Silver V6 Stang. We got a great deal on it and bought it for about $2k behind value. Wife did a little work on it as far as adding the rear deck lid panel, sequential tail lights and a few other things. Well I really like the car and decided to get...
  3. Austin Klinedinst

    Had a small photoshoot

    Had the photographer we use at work to post pics of cars online take mine off for a few pics. It's just a simple car with a nice background, but I'm happy with the pics. Going to use one of them as the picture for the silver mustang registry calendar. Not sure which yet.
  4. Austin Klinedinst

    WTB 4.0 Plenum Cover

    If you have one for sale post a pic or pm me
  5. Austin Klinedinst

    Show us what's under your hood

    Let's see. No matter what you have, let's see what it looks like. Mine is dirty, and stock other than a CAI. But still let's see em.
  6. Austin Klinedinst

    Intake manifold covers and other stuff for decoration

    I've been looking for some stuff to spice up the engine bay. Everything I've found though has been for a 4.6L and nothing for the 4.0. Anybody know if these things exist at all? And if so where can they be found. I've searched the mainstream websites like cjpony and AM and even ebay...
  7. Austin Klinedinst

    Let's discuss my buying a project Mustang

    So the wife has an 07 manual transmission. Been wanting one for myself. Traded in a white 02 V6 with low mileage, only 79k miles. Could probably buy it for around $2k. Needs a new door panel and some leather reconditioning. Other than that it seems solid. Problem is, it's an automatic, and...
  8. Austin Klinedinst

    New Mustang Club in South East GA

    So my wife and a friend are starting a new organization for women Mustang owners in South East GA called Mustangs in Stilettos. Currently they only have about 4 members as they just started this Sunday. There will be a website for registration. I am getting decals made for them for anyone who...
  9. Austin Klinedinst

    WTB Alternator Cover

    Looking for an alternator cover for an 05-09 Mustang.
  10. Austin Klinedinst

    Performance or Appearance?

    So being a V6 community, obviously our cars are not as fast as the V8's from the same year/make. From what I've seen on here everyone seems to be very proud of their V6 Mustang. I know I personally am. My wife and I saved for what we have, and we are very proud of it. As V6 owners, we...
  11. Austin Klinedinst

    Fairly New Mustang owner

    Hi all. My name is Austin. I'm a fairly new Mustang owner. Purchased a 2007 V6 premium at the end of January. Low miles at 54k. Has black leather interior, pony package, shaker 500, and some others. Appears to have some kind of upgraded suspension (i'm basing this on the fact that it has a...