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  1. kballa6

    The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

    Attached to the new Harry Potter movie. Harvesting TV - Informations and Reviews about TV-Shows: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer
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    Just wow...

    Who will be the first to admit that they are a member and customer of this site? The Doll Forum • View topic - Zara's holiday snaps
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    Satellite vs Cable

    The wife and I will be moving into our house in a couple months and we are trying to figure out all of our bills; one being TV. We currently have U-Verse but I am paying way too much for not so great of a picture in my opinion. Has anyone went from cable to satellite and do you have any regrets...
  4. kballa6

    Getting Married Today

    How nervous should I be? On a scale from 1-10 I'm about a 4 right now. Wedding starts at 5:30.
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    Groomsmen Gift Ideas

    Wedding is coming up in a month and I need some ideas for groomsmen gifts. I would prefer not to get the usual crap, i.e. flask, beer glass, cuff links. Any ideas? I thought about small personalized ice chests with their favorite beer in it. I would like to keep it under $75 each. What would you...
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    First time home buyer advice needed

    The soon to be wife and I are looking into purchasing our first home and need advice. So far it seems building what we want is the best option. The house we are looking at outside of Houston is $204,000. They are offering $20,000 in upgrades or you can use it to lower the cost of the home plus...
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    FS: iPad 32GB (WiFi only, Jailbroken)

    Just what the title says. Jailbroken with games and apps including Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Homerun Battle, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Has not been updated to 4.2, I was waiting on the jailbreak for it before updating. Included will be a green silicone cover with an invisible shield...
  8. kballa6

    Job searching while currently employed

    I am working at my first job out of college. I have been here for a year and a half but I don't see much upward mobility. What is the appropriate way to go about getting a new job somewhere else? Do I need to inform my current supervisor in case he is contacted by someone that I apply to? Does...
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    Mustang vs BMW M3

    It's amazing how far the Mustang has come to be up against the M3.
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    iPad owners inside please

    Anyone with an iPad attempted the Spirit jailbreak? I just got one and I am thinking about doing it this afternoon. I read about it and watched some videos on it. It seems pretty simple and easy to use. Any issues or problems after doing it? TIA.
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    Fiancée's new car

    Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic. It's a 2011 328i coupe. Sport package with paddle shifters, Nav, iDrive, red leather, etc. Basically every option minus the turbos. I love the way this car drives and rides. It is as smooth as can be but put it into Sport Drive and it drives like a sports car. I...
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    New Mods, New Pics. more pics post 1

    I recently put SS stripes on the hood and installed a magnetic blackout panel for the back. I also got sequentials which cannot be seen obviously. This is also the first photoshoot after painting my grills black. The last one didn't come out as good as I thought it would. My camera is crap. Enjoy.
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    Did some painting iPhone pics

    I have been wanting to paint my grill black and I finally got around to it. I sanded-primed-sanded 3 times. Then started the painting-sanding-painting process. Did that 6 times and this is the result. The finish is actually pretty smooth, but I can see it chipping in the future. I just need it...
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    Should I do this??

    SuperSnake stripe for the hood I like the look of it, but can't decide if I want to do it or not.
  15. kballa6

    Dodge new muscle car color...

    Furious Fuchsia??:taylor:
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    It's Snowing in Houston

    Great now the idiot drivers we have will become worse. It's not accumulating on the ground but cool none the less.
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    Safety Presentation Ideas

    I have to give a safety presentation at work and need some ideas. It can be on anything. Someone did Bear safety even though we have zero bears in Houston, so you can see how much people really care about these.
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    Rims are on **New Pics Added Post 1 and 31**

    Got the rims on today. Chrome Saleen Dark Horse 20x9 front 20x10 rear. They are freaking sweet in person. A real photoshoot will be Saturday after I can wash and polish the car. I am debating taking the black GT/CS stripe off. So I need some opinions. Keep it or ditch it? Anyway here is a quick...
  19. kballa6

    Need Help Selecting Wheels

    So I will be getting new rims in the very near future and need to narrow down the list. Here are some of my choices. The only other onese I would add are the 20" Alcoa's that are on the GT500 SS but I can't afford $3k for rims. I would liek to narrow it down to 2 or 3 then make a poll. 18"...
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    Going to Vegas in 2 weeks

    My g/f and I will be going to Vegas for a week and need some opinions on good food, shows, bars, etc. We have tickets to Blue Man Group for one night and are going to eat at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and N9ne. I was thinking of renting a car and driving to LA for the day. Any suggestions?