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  1. MichaelB21

    Can anyone help me find a particular Crank Yankers clip?

    This is kind of an odd request but I'm trying to find a particular Crank Yankers clip. I never watch the show so I have no idea about the characters names and all of my searches to find it have been in vain. The clip is of a guy with an accent calling a truck company (U-Haul or something...
  2. MichaelB21

    Internet problem - can't connect wireless

    I have a Mac Book Pro and can't connect to the internet via AirPort. The cable guy came out yesterday and installed a cable modem/router combo thing and now I can't connect wirelessly. When I plug it directly in it works perfectly fine. Any clue on how to fix this? Thanks guys.
  3. MichaelB21

    Roommate Dispute

    In my opinion this is very trite and almost inconceivable. One of my roommates was channel surfing and stopped on the History Channel and it was a show on going to Mars. They said it would take two years ship time to get to Mars. Two of my roommates said that they would rather spend two...
  4. MichaelB21

    You want to know how my roommate got these scars?

    The Joker had it coming.
  5. MichaelB21

    So I met Ron Jeremy last night.

    Real class act, very nice, very funny individual. He came into eat at my bar. Even got a picture with him and his autograph. I think that he may have banged one of my coworkers also, but I have yet to confirm that. Anyways, just thought I'd share that with everyone.
  6. MichaelB21

    Does anybody know much about court procedures in California?

    Last night I received a public urination ticket in the city of Fullerton, California. I was intoxicated and decided to urinate in the parking lot. This wouldn't be a big deal except that I do not live in California and the ticket has a court date on it for me. The officer said something would...
  7. MichaelB21

    11/20 Goldenstang's Animal of the Day - The Horseshoe Crab

    I figured I'd pick one for himm since he hasn't done it yet and there is evidently a demand. The importance of the horseshoe crab (and the reason I selected it) to us is it's copper based blood which is used in medical research. Be sure to thank the horseshoe crab!
  8. MichaelB21

    Stupid Kazaa

  9. MichaelB21

    Few pics of my car, Zaino.

  10. MichaelB21

    F**k Taco Bell

  11. MichaelB21

    Hey guys

    I wouldn't normally make a thread like this but I noticed some of you for one reason or another were wondering where I have been. As some of you know I live, rather lived, with my brother. Anyways he really hates my girlfriend and one night she was at the bar I work at and she was tired so I...
  12. MichaelB21

    Good XBox 360 games?

    I just bought the XBox 360 the other day. I have Project Gotham Racing 3 (came with the bundle) and Call of Duty 2. I haven't played PGR3 but CoD2 is awesome. What other good games are there? I haven't played video games since Halo 2 came out.
  13. MichaelB21

    Just bought a new car

    The car is a blast to drive and I love the hard top convertible. I'll get other photos later, this is one from the dealership. It is more of a head turner than I thought it would be, I've had it for only a few hours and already had two different women wave and smile.
  14. MichaelB21

    Pumpkin Thread

    I noticed a lot of pumpkin threads, maybe we can combine them into one? Anyhow, I wanted to make my contribution. Oh yeahhh!
  15. MichaelB21

    Land of the Dead

    I thought that this movie was OK but it wasn't the standard zombie flick I was used to. I liked that the zombies had intelligence but they weren't aggressive enough like they were in Dawn of the Dead. I also didn't like that so many of the humans survived. I thought for sure everyone except...
  16. MichaelB21

    Csi: 3.8

    This should be fun. Here is the scenario: The time is about 1:20 AM on Thursday, August 25th. A loud crash is heard and upon investigation my brothers 1972 Chevrolet Blazer has been hit. The damage is miniscule compared to that of the young woman’s Kia. The driver of the car is in a...
  17. MichaelB21

    A few photos of my bar...

    I just got back to my college house for a few days, starting a new job at a local bar should be fun. Anyhow, here are a few photos of the bar in my house. Forgive the shitty alcohol, we have parties and don't serve our guests the good stuff. These were taken with a Sony DSC-200 7.2 MP...
  18. MichaelB21

    Detailed the Corvette

    It came out looking pretty good, a million times better than what the dealership did. I wish the color was a little darker for more depth but oh well, the gloss came out really well. For those interested I used a pretty simple process. I washed with Meguiars #00, clayed with C200 and #34...
  19. MichaelB21

    March of the Penguins

    I'd give the movie two thumbs up. I've always been fascinated by penguins so I guess I am biased. They lead pretty rough lives and this movie shows it. I would recommend it to anybody that enjoys learning.