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  1. joekd

    1996 Mustang GT convertible

    1996 Mustang GT convertible, 78,000 original miles Car was purchased in December 2008 with 65K miles and was all stock right down to a paper Motorcraft air filter. Exterior Repainted Redfire Pearl Metallic May 2012. All PPG paints used, door jambs painted to match. Tan top Paint...
  2. joekd

    Project tonneau cover storage

    This summer when my car was repainted I added fiberglass tonneau covers to it. Now that winter is coming the car has gone from sitting in the garage top down to sitting in the garage top up and I needed a place to store there where I wouldn't worry about them getting scratched while at the same...
  3. joekd

    Any way to not see American Muscle Products?

    I love the place and do everything I can to give them my business but I am getting tired of seeing page after page of "Doohickey thingys for 11-13 GT" threads
  4. joekd

    Stereo redo is finally done

    Finally got the last pieces done on the Mustangs stereo redo. Only pieces reused were my barely broken in Infinity Kappa speakers (6830CS 6x8" components in front and 63.9I 6.5" 3-ways in the rear) Infinity Basslink sub, Sirius Sportster dock and AUX jack in the ashtray area of the center...
  5. joekd

    Demonoid replacement?

    Looks like Demonoid got shut down for good, any recommendations for a replacement site to use?
  6. joekd

    Couple pics by the river

    Had the car out and it was a perfect day so I went and snapped a few pics by the river
  7. joekd

    New pics of my GT convertible

    As you may have read I had the car repainted from Laser Red to Redfire about a month ago Couple pics I took Saturday, thinking it's time for a better camera Liked the way these came out so I edited out all the parking lot lines, cracks, etc
  8. joekd

    Please vote for my son's gecko

    My son took first place at the local Petco today in their reptile contest, now he is entered to win a Petco gift certificate Votes would help and both my son and his gecko Steve appreciate the help...
  9. joekd

    Footwell LED lighting/Trunk LED's installed 6/12/2012

    One problem with the convertible, they have garbage interior lighting. My aftermarket mirror has LED's in it but it still doesn't do a very good job so I picked up a pair of 12-led strips. Finished wiring these at lunch yesterday. They are wired to open with the doors. Before...
  10. joekd

    My 1996 Redfire GT convertible

    Just got my Mustang back from the autobody shop Friday, had the entire car repainted in Redfire instead of the OEM Laser Red. Got tired of waiting for the rain to stop so I shot some garage pics. Paint still needs to be buffed out Also I added a fiberglass...
  11. joekd

    Bought new tires today, why I will never buy Sumitomos

    When I bought my new wheels they came with Sumitomo HTRZ's installed, aside from the fact that they don't have any grip at all my biggest annoyance was they were way too narrow for a 315 tire Today I picked up a set of the new BFG g-Force Sport COMP-2 tires, first thing I did was set them...
  12. joekd

    Shaving razor question

    I've used an electric razor pretty much forever, my latest one has been dying so I switched back to regular razors At first I was using disposables then I tried a Shick Hydro and got pretty much the best shave of my life Now for the big question, how many shaves do you get before you...
  13. joekd

    Antenna delete done

    The factory fly fishing rod of an antenna has always annoyed me. I have shortened it twice already but realized I never listen to the radio (use Sirius or MP3's only) so why bother with it at all? I found this little billet antenna delete on Ebay for under $10, painted it black to match the...
  14. joekd

    2005-up fog light extensions

    One pair of 18" fog light extensions for 2005-up Mustangs using H10 bulbs. Simply plug in, no splicing. Brand new never used. $20 shipped
  15. joekd

    Mustang and Cougar together

    The Mustang is my 1996 GT convertible, the Cougar is a 2002 V6 model that I picked up for my daughter's first car Ford lists both as Laser Red, only difference is the Mustang paint is Laser Red metallic tricoat Mustang by itself I really like this one...
  16. joekd

    Updated pics of my 96 vert GT

    Pictures from the Loctite show at their headquarters here in CT yesterday My car between two close buddies cars, one side is Dave's procharged vert and on the other side is Ferenc's 2007 whipplecharged Eleanor. Going to these shows really makes a guy want to buy a supercharger...
  17. joekd

    Some recent pics of my 96 vert

    Just a couple pics I took of my car at a local show last weekend Might as well throw a couple seat pics in here too Have a big show this coming weekend, hope to be able to take some more pics then either at the show or I might decide to stop and shoot some...
  18. joekd

    New seats are finally installed in the Mustang

    Finally finished the seats, got them mounted to the Corbeau tracks and installed them in the Mustang To say the least I love them, was just sitting in the garage for like 15 mins enjoying the feel of the racing seats. Huge difference from the factory seats with almost no side support at all.
  19. joekd

    Teaser pic of the Mustang's new seats

    Just one pic for now, drivers side already on the base ready to be installed in the car Color looks off in the pic (basement CFL bulbs) but they are done in the OEM saddle color
  20. joekd

    Basement Toy - Lethal Enforcers

    Picked this up a few weeks ago for my basement, not a difficult game but a fun time waster Heavy as H*ll too, had 4 of us moving it into the basement, don't see it leaving unless it's in pieces :lol: