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  1. Prankster

    01 mustang loaded with problems, what should i do?

    I fixed my automatic transmission by removing the ATF, and replacing it with 15-W 40 engine oil. It worked on my Mustang, my Taurus, my Cadillac, my GMC pickup truck, and my 3-Ton Mail truck.
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    Comment by 'Prankster' in item 'HOTTEST V6 MUSTANG BURNING ON THE ROAD SINCE 2011'

    Did the paint job cost more than the car?
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    Rough Idle and power Loss After Injector Swap

    Sounds like you need to reset your ECU.
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    Comment by 'Prankster' in item '2011 TWIN TURBO - SCARRY FAST'

    Did you use matched turbos, or did you use a smaller one as a primary to to work efficiently in the lower RPMs?
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    Battery cables

    PS, I like adding many extra grounding wires from the battery to the engine, the frame, a starter bolt, and the body. It could be just my imagination, but I think it make the entire car run much better.
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    Battery cables

    I understand your problem; been there: done that! The old school method is to use a length of welder's cable. Never use acid core solder for the connectors: I like silver solder best but rosin core will work great too! To make it last you could coat the any exposed wires with liquid...
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    Rod meets oil pan

    As for me; I would be looking for a bullet hole. This is something I would expect that somebody put a bullet through my engine block. I'm in a New York state of mind!
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    Project: Another M112 V6 Setup

    I have been wondering if E-85 mixed 50/50 with water would work well for the water injection. It sure would cost less then methanol. What do you think? I am only guessing!
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    I would like to join! Prankster

    I would like to join! Prankster
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    Best Supercharger

    Why not use both? A supercharger for RPMs up to 3500, and the turbo from there on.
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    Discussion --- Mustang Club ???

    I live in a town that is loaded with Mustangs. I've been thinking about how nice it would to have a Mustang Club. We could swap parts, exchange ideals, and help each other with repairs. I learned that I could open a chapter but I don't have a clue. Your info would be great!
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    My show Pony, and I go to to work daily, and tend to drop the hammer whe the light turns green.

    My show Pony, and I go to to work daily, and tend to drop the hammer whe the light turns green.
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    Project: Another M112 V6 Setup

    I was chewing on the idea of propane being used to force cool the compressed air flow. I heard Diesel truck drivers use it to burn their fuel more efficiently. I had hoped it would work as well for a gas engine too! Pity propane is $5 a gallon.
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    Project: Another M112 V6 Setup

    bmckelvey Thank you for the education, I look forward to the adjustable boost control. I have been looking at the water to air intercoolers. I was wondering if I could run propane through the water inlet, and then out to the engine for a little extra boost, and a quick cooling for the...
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    Project: Another M112 V6 Setup

    Great photos!!! All I have is an old MR2 Toyota Blower, but I haven't installed it,.. Yet! 8.2 Lbs sounds Great! I had no idea how much Psi my little V6 could handle. It would be nice to be able to adjust the pressure from inside the cab. Thanks for all the numbers, it seems like a great...
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    Comment by 'Prankster' in item '95 Vortech Supercharged ShowStang'

    I have an SC from an old MR-2 Toyota that is a belt driven unit with a magnetic clutch. I plan to use the cruse control buttons on the steering whill for the on, and off. This setup looks great! You must use magic to keep it so clean. I can't even seem to keep my wheels clean.
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    Toph's All Out Turbo Build

    Wow! You did a great photo shoot! Thanks for the play by play!
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    Hot Engine Dies, Then Restarts

    Look for a crack in your intake, or gasket. When it cools the crack closes, and the engine will re-start.