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  1. JustFord0099

    ???FTW ko

    ?sdrawkcab si epyt ym yhw em llet enoemos nac
  2. JustFord0099

    Picked up a new car last night (new-to-me)

    Well I couldnt pass up this deal. I spotted this beauty on the used lot at work. I totally stole it too. Plus, I wanted something that wasnt as much of a task to drive as my 244. So I present to you my new-to-me 1998 S90. 79k miles. The lady that traded it in drove it in with a sheet over the...
  3. JustFord0099

    Picked up another beater

    a 1994 Mercury Capri with 74k original miles. a friend of my mothers was selling it casue it had beein sitting in his drive way for quite some time. So i took it off his hands for $500 bucks. I had it towed to my shop and found that the gas had turned into varnish from not beeing driven for so...
  4. JustFord0099

    My first mod :thumbup:

    I got my flat whitestar hood badge in yesterday. It looks so nice. The cool part is that these hood badges are all hand made. I post on a Benz forum where one of the members makes them. The quality and craftsmenship is outstanding :thumbup: ya i know my garage is a mess. im workin on...
  5. JustFord0099

    Post your pet pics..

    My English Bulldog Molly (4months old) My French Bulldog Brutus (4months old) My Jack Russell Terrier (12y.o.)
  6. JustFord0099

    Post your Myspace..

    post em bitc*es :crazy:
  7. JustFord0099

    A couple quick Benz shots..*56K die*

    Went out with my buddy and used is Nikon SLR. Such a nice camera :thumbup:
  8. JustFord0099

    Traded in the GT..

    and picked up a new Benz :thumbup: Dont get me wrong, there was nothin wrong with it, but the Benz is actully a better deal.
  9. JustFord0099

    bigger and badder :cool:

    Well gone are the days of cruising around the V6. I remember picking her up in April of 99 (35th Anniv. w00t!) and sold her April of 05 on the exact day I bought it too. The car certainly served me well, gettin me from Florida to Texas, to Illinois (even surviving her very first winter) and back...
  10. JustFord0099

    Its been a while...

    since i last posted here...what have i missed :uhh: