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    Slipping on acceleration?

    Got a mechanical question here... so possibly related or unrelated I have no clue... but my AC compressor/pulley needs to be replaced according to my mechanic. The only reason I say it could be involved is because its obviously a part of the belt. Anyways - yesterday it was raining and I decided...
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    ISO New radio

    Hey guys! I am in the market for a new radio for my 2001 coupe. I am looking for a touch screen double din and I need some suggestions. I don’t want a 60 dollar touch screen thats gonna fail on me a year downt the road. I’m looking for a good quality and priced max 150ish. If you know of any let...
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    Suggestions to start from scratch

    I recently bought a 2001, 3.8L, V6 Coupe. Nothing too serious for my first mustang. The overall condition it pretty dang good considering how old it is. This thing is already my baby so I wanna really make her stand out. She is currently black, and I’ve decided I want to do black/red everything...
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    High RPMs

    I have a 2001, V6, 3.8L, 5spd Mustang coupe. Nothing too fancy. I just got it last week and right off the bat Ive noticed that 4th and 5th gear are quite interesting. If I shift into 5th any lower than 65mph, my RPMs hit 1500 and it does that loud shaking sound manuals do when there isn’t enough...