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  1. ^Sparco^

    I'm coming back to this forum!

    Same here after a whole 2007 absence :thumbup: ZOMG this is a NICE stang :cool: :eek:
  2. ^Sparco^

    Would you....?

    nice eyes...
  3. ^Sparco^

    Happy new year [24 hours to go]

    Happy ny 2008 from Spain :thumbup: (0:47 right now here)
  4. ^Sparco^

    Formula 1 - Who will partner Alonso at McLaren?

    Please click the link to vote for Pedro :D Question: Who will partner Alonso at McLaren? -De la Rosa -Hamilton -Paffett -Someone else
  5. ^Sparco^

    WW* how to f**k at Big Brother * WW

    lol you do know Spain is an European country (It's said that Americans think Spain is near Mexico :rolleyes: :uhh: ) <--- I don't believe it.
  6. ^Sparco^

    WW* how to f**k at Big Brother * WW Spanish :D (check the last minutes, they are playing around while the other dudes are having a conversation :eek: )
  7. ^Sparco^

    Mustang to be sold in Europe online petition

    Hey dudes! So much time :D A dude gave me this link and I just want you to enter there and sign it. You know the stang is not sold around here :( Anyways they would sell the new model which IMO sucks (compared to the Cobra) Thanks in...
  8. ^Sparco^

    New Ford videogame

    Sorry if it's a r3post :(
  9. ^Sparco^


    Hope you like her :thumbup: He sucked a friend of mine's cock. Revenge! Anyone wants nude pics? PM me ;)
  10. ^Sparco^

    Ashlee Simpson..the new

    Blond rulzzzzz! :thumbup:
  11. ^Sparco^

    150 mph on a public road without insurance...

    ... isn't 'dangerous driving' according to a British court. The British Recorder in a Winchester court let 21-year-old Nicholas Whittle off the hook after he was clocked touching 150 mph in daddy's Porsche Boxster. 90 mph over the speed limit. Without insurance. :crazy: Lister threw the...
  12. ^Sparco^

    This must be the only French person you would like :thumbup:
  13. ^Sparco^

    University of Michigan Honor Code

    Probably a r3post, but here we go: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. ^Sparco^

    Renault is gonna buy Jaguar

    Ford screwed the company. Renault is gonna buy it: Renault Looking at Jaguar? According to a report in L'Expansion, a leading French business magazine, Renault is looking at the possibility of buying Jaguar. The French company has never seen satisfactory sales for its top-of-the-range...
  15. ^Sparco^

    Hot girl dancing *low WW* Hot girl :thumbup: No nudity :thumbdown:
  16. ^Sparco^

    Computer question?

    That DVD problem is really weird! A new tower? Dont get a HP again, they are overpriced... I sugges you to go to a specific computer store and build your own custom PC (you choose the CPU, memory, HD, optical drives, graphics card, case, etc.). If you pick the correct components you will get...
  17. ^Sparco^

    Beauty And The Beast TV Series

    Wow I used to watch them when I was a child. Anyways.... for your parents?????? :confused:
  18. ^Sparco^

    Losing virginity to best friends mom

    +1 But she is an exception... ;)