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  1. mizke

    d link 8 port switch

    i dont use this anymore as i dont have a xbox so i dont need to split my net. would like to get 20 bucks shipped for it.. if you want pics i can post some
  2. mizke

    94-96 mustang 5.0 ho gt part out

    i thought of a creative way to make some mod money for the next 2 weeks. a local junk yard has one and i am going to get a small discount on parts. i am willing to to offer my services of going there buying the part and shipping it to you. BUYER PAYS ALL JUNK YARD COST + SHIPPING + PAYPAL FEE, i...
  3. mizke

    94-98 mustang gt

    ok guys this sort of a odd for sale thread, so bare with me here. a local junk yard has a 5.0 gt sitting in it with front end damage.i have been banned from spending anymore money on my stang till after xmas. so i have thought up a creative way of making a few bucks. if you guys need a part i...
  4. mizke

    18x9 & 18x10 dd fr500's

    quoted from craigslist "Selling my 18x9, 18x10 deep dish FR500's. Silver finish with polished lip in great shape. Offset for 79-04 mustang with 5lug. Only two months old, comes with SVT oem caps. New these are over 600 before tax, will sell for $450. DOES NOT COME WITH TIRES" figured...
  5. mizke

    99 - 04 stock intake

    every but the maf and maf housing 25 shipped i can get a pic or 2 if some one really wants it.
  6. mizke

    engine bay clean up

    maybe i am using the wrong words to search for this, but i would like to know if any of you guys have really cleaned up the engine bay of you're stangs ? by cleaned up i really mean hiding some of the wiring. i was washing and wax the stang today and got to thinking that i would like a cleaner...
  7. mizke

    FS : 03 gloss black oem wing

    just wondering if there is any interest in this ? it is gloss black, some light scratches in it nothing alittle wetsanding and polishing. i think it has 2 fairly good scratches on it, again nothing that some gloss black paint wouldnt fix and not even be seen unless you set out to look for it...
  8. mizke

    WTB: 94-98 chrome pony and bracket

    well i bought taylor's lower mach 1 grill peice, and now i dont know where the pony and bracket is from my 98 when i took it off. so i still have this gapping whole in my grill that really needs to get filled. i am going to go in a few days and check a few junk yards but would rather support my...
  9. mizke

    94-98 pony and bracket from the front grill

    i really need the pony and the bracket the pony is mounted on off a 94 to 98 stang to complete my mach 1 front end..
  10. mizke

    eibach drag springs vs prokit eibach springs

    can some one please explain the difference between these 2 springs ? on craigslist here in austin, there is a front set of drag springs for 50 bucks that caught my eye and well i do not know the what the difference's would be. other then the drag springs are ment purely for a drag car...
  11. mizke

    for the record

    well i wanted to post in my last thread here but it got closed.. so here it is to the people that i got into it with earlier, my bad for the things i said. that was uncalled for. i took something that was said from the start the wrong way and i was already in a pissed off mood and should not...
  12. mizke

    new clutch break in rumors

    ok so i know with new clutches you on average do about 1000 miles of easy driving, that does not include highway driving but stop and go driving.. now i have heard rumors that if you slip the clutch real hard a few times it does the break in. i dont know if its true or not, and i have...
  13. mizke

    dont you hate it when

    you get 95% through a new install only to find that you have to get something stupid like a 3in section of hose to extend the pvc hose, and you're car is not able to driven untill you get that hose. but have no way to get the 3miles to a local auto parts store...:(
  14. mizke

    saw my first 09 skyline

    ya so coming home today from lakeway, i happened to catch a view of a nissan skyline parked in some one's garage... i am sure some of you are like omg whatever its a skyline. but for me its huge, i have never seen one in real life and to see a 09 skyline after all this time was just heavenly for...
  15. mizke

    WTB : 94 -98 pony in the grill

    i am looking for the stock pony and bracket that is in the grill on the 94 -98 stangs.. since getting the lower peice to the mach1 grill, i just need this one peice to complete the diy grill.
  16. mizke

    98 v6 stock stereo & 80 gig western digital external hard drive & sound blaster live

    i have the stock stereo out of my 98 v6 auto. it worked just fine the last time i used in that car. upgraded to a kenwood and it has been sitting in the closet ever since.. make an offer but please no low balling.. i would like to get 25 for it and buyer pays all shipping.. next up is...
  17. mizke

    FS: black mustang floor mats

    asking 45 shipped for these really really need these sold asap. half of the money goes to
  18. mizke

    FS: mustang floor mats

    ok so i am going to get a set of solid black floor mats to go with the solid black interior. so i am selling my stock floor mats. i looked on ebay at they are going for 65 to 75 bucks new not including shipping.. i will take 50 shipped. so that works out to right about 40 bucks for the mats...
  19. mizke

    my stupid ****ing brother n law

    ok so i just wanted a place to vent, my sister married this **** tard in the army. at first he was cool as ****, as time went on my sister would tell me and every one else what he does like punching and kicking holes in the walls of their brand new house, threating my sister oh and my favorite...
  20. mizke

    Official Post Pics of Your Pets Thread

    well for those animal lovers out there ( and not in that way, jesus). i thought it would be nice to have a place to post up some pics of youre pets, does not matter what kind of pet. so i will start a friend of mine had some kittens born in her wall from her next door neighbore who was and is...