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  1. punypony

    A couple from last nights shoot

    Me and my friend Garrett went out last night to shoot some pictures of the car at night so he could figure out how the lighting would work, we'll be taking some more but here is the first attempt. here are some of his other pictures IMG_7185 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! IMG_5838 | Flickr...
  2. punypony

    battery box, intercooler, ice box, strange struts

    I took a trip to the garage, and realized how much crap i still have and need to get rid of, all prices are negotiable within reason, interesting trades may be considered. I also have a bunch of stock split port parts from intakes to pretty much anything really. Aluminum battery box, has...
  3. punypony

    New Personal best!

    Well i finally got to take the car to the track again, and boy was it fun! first two runs were on 12lbs, last two were on 14, and surprisingly track prep was pretty good, tires still spun but not too bad. I literally drove the car to the track, pulled it up the the line and ran it, i didn't...
  4. punypony

    Raptor Shift light

    I have for sale a single mode yellow raptor shift light would like 75shipped
  5. punypony

    Went to the track after the tune....

    And hauled balls! finally figured out the boost controller after the 1st pass, hence the low mph but here are the results. R/t..........0.189 60'..........2.147 330.........5.743 1/8..........8.571 MPH.........86.77 1000........10.98 1/4..........12.991 MPH.........113.06 Fixed...
  6. punypony

    Went back to the track

    Well like the title suggests i finally made a trip back to the track after a little over two years to get a baseline before the car gets finished being tuned. Runs were at 10.5lbs of boost 11.5 AFR and not a lot of timing if i had to guess, and i was on 315 555r's I wasn't really expecting...
  7. punypony

    Great Article on Oils.....

    A friend of mine showed me this and i read through the entire thing, the article really does a great job of explaining the functions and properties of motor oils while dispelling myths at the same time.
  8. punypony

    New pictures

    Got bored today so me and my buddy shot some pictures of the mustang with his d60
  9. punypony

    The Danger Ranger, DD warning

    Well some of you know i picked up an '03 ranger edge, therefore the mustang is now off of DD duty permanently! Its a pretty cool little truck the paint isn't great but its a truck as long as it runs and can still haul stuff im pretty happy. I hate the white grill, that will be getting...
  10. punypony

    offroad x, flowmaster exhaust setup, split port/misc parts

    Took the exhaust out of my car, in preparation for the turbo install i have the following forsale. X pipe, catback, flowmaster 40 series mufflers/overaxle, will need new tips (you can have the old ones they just aren't in great shape) 225+ shipping video for reference. I also have a bunch...
  11. punypony

    03/04 Cobra bilsteins max C/O Spring Rate?

    I did a quick search and couldn't find an answer to my question, IIRC they are only capable of holding 370lb/in springs without being re-valved, however i see most people running 300lb/in springs. If its worth it i may just get them re-valved i want this thing low and able to handle better...
  12. punypony

    misc parts forced induction/suspension

    I need to clean out the garage, so i have the following for sale, prices are negotiable. Strange 10 way struts (pair): 150 vortech water ice reservoir: 75 water/air intercooler: 75
  13. punypony

    punypony's build thread

    well since a few others have started this i figured i might as well join in, i have a thread over on but some of you guys that have been curious aren't on that site so here goes. As of right now, the car is N/a, mostly stock with 39lb injectors :lol: but here goes the mod list lol...
  14. punypony

    Revenue sharing on Youtube?

    Has anyone had any experience with this, i got an email from youtube requesting to add ad space to one of the videos of my car, and in return i would receive a sum of money tied to the traffic the video gets. Has anyone else done this?
  15. punypony

    MM PHB

    I have a used MM panhard bar in good condition, with all hardware, its for a 94-98, but i imagine it would work on a 99-04 by enlarging the lca bolt holes on it. looking for 200+ shipping
  16. punypony

    Going in a new direction.

    5 brownie points to anyone who can guess what the pictures are of...
  17. punypony

    exhaust, longtubes, x-cal 2, vortech reservoir, 3.33" pulley, Ic core, other misc.

    I am probably going to be getting rid of my exhaust setup here in a month or so so i thought i would see if there was any interest in it. I will be looking for 300obo for the x-pipe/catback, it is currently one piece but i guess i could cut it up, id rather not ship, although if you can figure...
  18. punypony

    NOS Wet Nitrous kit

    I have a NOS wet nitrous kit with the smaller solenoids that i no longer need for sale, 300+ shipping but i would prefer a local sale. comes with: fuel rail adapter fitting fuel & nitrous solenoids brackets 10lb blue anodized bottle nozzle all associated lines relay switch no nitrous jets...
  19. punypony

    David after the dentist

    e-bNunsWkIw&eurl probably a repost but oh well.
  20. punypony

    Got bored, made a video