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  1. JustFord0099

    I am so [email protected]$^ pissed

    next time, pull the gun on yourself
  2. JustFord0099

    Official Post Pics of Your Pets Thread

    my crazies
  3. JustFord0099

    post your sunglasses (merged)

    those are wayfarer's ;) i have the black and the tortoise myself
  4. JustFord0099

    Palin vs Letterman

    ugh, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard...we need to shove her in a pipeline.
  5. JustFord0099

    Offiicial What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW
  6. JustFord0099

    new Camaros spotted outside assembly plant

    to little to late :(
  7. JustFord0099

    Ford Uses Balloon Cars for Crash Testing

    seriously? it looks like it came from the same place they make the giant inflatable bounce houses for kids :lol:
  8. JustFord0099

    SHO is back! (Officially)

    hotness :cool:
  9. JustFord0099

    Ford Uses Balloon Cars for Crash Testing

    10 grand for a balloon car? no wonder these companies are in trouble lol
  10. JustFord0099

    Michael Phelps tokin the bong?

    oh no not marijuana!! :rolleyes:
  11. JustFord0099

    Couple weds in fast-food style ... in Taco Bell

    hey dont ask dont tell right?
  12. JustFord0099

    The 2010 Ford Taurus. Awesome.

    wow, very impressive. That car looks a million times better than a new Accord or Camry. The interior looks comfortable as well. Im sure Ford has done their homework before releasing this car. I think itll do quite well.
  13. JustFord0099

    I've been Rastorbating!

    ive done a few a while back
  14. JustFord0099

    Best thread ever nws ownage ownaggeeee! Nws nws

    :lol: like fried eggs on a nail
  15. JustFord0099

    postup your mustang mileage thread

    not a mustang but my 98 Volvo has 101k and my 76 Volvo has ~300k
  16. JustFord0099

    sick nasty zr1

    cool car but the video left a lot to be desired :rolleyes:
  17. JustFord0099

    Post your Christmas lights/decor/tree...

    all ive done and prolly will do, but its the thought that counts lol
  18. JustFord0099

    The "post pictures of your city" thread

    Delray Beach/Boca Raton