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    Feeler for turbo kit hot side

    I have a turbo kit that was on the car but the motor needs a rebuild. So i am looking for some extra money, make offers or PM me. located in Bradenton,FL
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    differences between the 2 windstar intakes?

    I finished my turbo kit, and was wanting to run a windstar intake. Between the 96-98 or the 99-03 which one is better for boost and how much better do each one flow?
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    MAC H-pipe

    Selling my midpipe looking to get 100 obo plus shipping.
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    SCT Livewire for sale

    I bought the tuner from American Muscle, I am selling it for money for school and some parts. It was for a 2000 v6 Mustang manual, it is unlocked and here are a few pics Im looking to get $300 plus shipping I do not have the windshield mount for it, but made one to mount it in front of...
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    90mm MAF and harness

    I have a 90mm MAF and harness up for sale. Looking for 50 obo + shipping.
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    Installing turbo!

    I am in the process of installing my turbo kit that I've had lying around for a while. I have the hot side pipes bolted up and turbo mounted and oil pan tapped. I need to get a few of my intake pipes welded for the W2A intercooler I'm going to run. Pics will be posted up soon.
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    2000 V6 headers for sale

    I'm installing my turbo kit and looking to sell the stock headers, best offer plus shipping. Pics will be up soon.
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    2011 Turbo V6?

    Has anyone fabbed up a turbo kit for one of these yet?
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    Tapping oil pan?

    I know there is a back and forth between tapping oil pans but I wanted some opinions. Is it worth removing the oil pan or can you leave it on the car? I have seen people put grease on the bit and done it that way and then flush the pan with oil, or should I remove the pan?
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    Road Courses

    Does anyone know if there are any road courses in mid florida?
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    Shifting Issue

    This just started today. When the engine is running it is hard to put in gear and when it gets in gear there is a rubbing noise, but with the car off it shifts into gear no problem. Any input? Thanks
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    Internal or external balance?

    I have a 2000 and I know from 99-00 was external balance, but I've heard some of the late model 2000's were internal balance. Does anyone know when they become internally balanced? Also I did not see a weight on the pulley but want to make sure I didn't miss anything. My date code on the door...
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    Turbo XS RFL bov

    Does anyone here use this BOV or has used it? If so is it a good one or what? Thanks
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    Mid pipe question

    I have a 2000 V6 and thinking about changing out the exhaust. I heard that the V8 mid pipes will bolt up to it, has anyone heard about this or know?