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    AFR equation

    what kind of wideband are you using?
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    thanks. yeah i like it. i think it's a little better in person but the camcorder picked it up pretty good. i always see people a little ways ahead picking up their heads or turning around because they hear me coming. love it ha.
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    ok here's a clip of mine (exhaust - YouTube). a couple notes, 1) didn't see the remains of that blue rag under my left tail pipe until i saw the video ha, so just disregard that. was from a few days back when i was cleaning my pipes. 2) try to listen to it with a decent speaker setup to get...
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    i'll see if i can get you a video clip sometime this weekend.
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    Ticking Sound When Clutch Is Not Engaged...

    i have a RAM HDX, it's good for up to 450 hp and love it. have had 0 problems with it. it's a little cheaper than the Spec Stage 2 as well.
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    i have the MAC long tubes with a catted BBK h-pipe and MAC cat-back, i absolutely LOVE the sound. i'm sure you'll be very pleased when you get done. the long tubes just wake everything up. it's very loud, you can hear me coming from a ways away. if you ever get envious of a nice V8 you just...
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    Is this an SVT Focus pump?

    +1. yes it must be the green top and that will hook right up, very easy switch.
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    need help from the experts (slow stang)

    + 1. you NEED O2 sensors, at least the 2 fronts. i don't know exactly how rich you are running but i'm sure if it doesn't solve your issue, it will improve it greatly. air = power. the more rich your mixture is, the less power you're going to be making. also, obviously, the more rich your...
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    need help from the experts (slow stang)

    i'm surprised nobody has said anything about his stated 0-60 time. 12.68? that is painfully slow. there has to be some sort of issue going on here. a Focus maybe 200 lbs off of it but ~30 less horsepower can do 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds. so the fact that you're close to double that just...
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    SCT Xcal3

    Justin at VMP now sells Dynojet widebands, not sure how they are. Don LaSota told me Zeitronix is the most accurate consumer-grade wideband he's seen, also saying most consumer grades aren't very accurate, especially Innovate's. just some information, for what it's worth.
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    SCT Xcal3

    VMP's email tunes are not the greatest. i would only use VMP again if i can go to Justin in person. but yeah in general, tuning is expensive. just buy SCT's tuning software. you save money and learn something very valuable.
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    CAI - install and tune, or not?

    CAI if you know you're going to sell the car sometime in the near future, i would sell it. they're $150 new on American Muscle so you can probably get a decent amount of money for it and put it toward your incoming midget. chances are you will not notice much of a difference with it anyway...
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    Trouble Removing 2000 V6 Starter Motor

    i did it about a year or 2 ago so i don't remember my method exactly but i was able to use a long 24" extension on the lower bolt i believe, coming through from the front of the engine bay and the upper bolt i believe i used a universal joint in combination with a smaller extension coming from...
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    mil + CEL=HELP Please

    i'm not too savvy when it comes to the electrical aspects but that's throwing a code for the front passenger's sensor, the MIL eliminators are for the rear sensors, no? so maybe there's something up with your front passenger sensor and/or the wiring. when i installed my long tubes, i didn't...
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    Finally got some OBDII Codes

    check to see if your EGR valve is stuck. if that is ok, i would look to the fuel system next. a stuck EGR valve can trigger both sets of your codes as well as fuel issues like messed up injectors, fuel pressure, etc...
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    mil + CEL=HELP Please

    what code(s) is it throwing?
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    Tuner/Upgrades Questions

    Justin at VMP knows what he's doing. you can order an X3 off his site and describe what modifications you have so he can ship you the tuner with the tunes ready to go. he definitely can do that for your gears and if you go with long tubes with your exhaust (i think you should). i have no...
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    Everybody Has Them

    1) i got mine from MAC directly, Mac Performance - performance accessories for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 2) at the time, i got the ceramic coated ones for $349.50 i believe, now they're listed as $369.50. or you can get the chrome plated for $289.50. 3) i honestly don't remember...
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    How-To Properly Datalog A Vehicle

    that equation differs depending on what wideband you have. i know the LC1 is (v*3)+7.35. either way, Live Link has preset equations to the right where you can choose which analog device you're using. so you don't have to worry about finding the actual equation. unless of course it's not on...
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    clunking/popping sound

    found the problem. i went to replace the u-joint and found that 3 of the 4 driveshaft bolts were not very tight at all. i'm assuming that was the problem. i replaced the u-joint anyway though. it's all good now.