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  1. Sheamus's V6

    V6 only car meets!!

    Hey guys/gals!! Alot of you do not know me. My name is Ray, but my friends call me Sheamus. Im from Columbus Ohio, but live in Grove City Ohio. I am looking for a way to get away from the house for a couple hours on the weekend. Is there anyone near me that meet up and just chill and meet and...
  2. Sheamus's V6

    Upper and lower intake gaskets!

    Ok fellas who has replaced their upper and lower intake manifold gaskets? If so is there any diy posts? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Sheamus's V6

    Lsd rear!!

    So im seeing people mention getting a gt 8.8 rear end. If im gunna roll around with my v6 with a gt 8.8 rear, wouldnt i need to look into a different drive shaft? Like upgrading it from a v6 to a gt, would i need to use gt u joints or will v6 ones be fine.
  4. Sheamus's V6

    Photoshop gurus?

    Anyone a photoshop guru?
  5. Sheamus's V6

    Hey guys!!

    My name is ray from ohio!! New to this site. Im on another. But wanna expand to something more geared towards v6's. There is very little i know about mine an want to see what more i can learn.