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  1. ^Sparco^

    Happy new year [24 hours to go]

    Happy ny 2008 from Spain :thumbup: (0:47 right now here)
  2. ^Sparco^

    Formula 1 - Who will partner Alonso at McLaren?

    Please click the link to vote for Pedro :D Question: Who will partner Alonso at McLaren? -De la Rosa -Hamilton -Paffett -Someone else
  3. ^Sparco^

    WW* how to f**k at Big Brother * WW Spanish :D (check the last minutes, they are playing around while the other dudes are having a conversation :eek: )
  4. ^Sparco^

    Mustang to be sold in Europe online petition

    Hey dudes! So much time :D A dude gave me this link and I just want you to enter there and sign it. You know the stang is not sold around here :( Anyways they would sell the new model which IMO sucks (compared to the Cobra) Thanks in...
  5. ^Sparco^

    New Ford videogame

    Sorry if it's a r3post :(
  6. ^Sparco^

    150 mph on a public road without insurance...

    ... isn't 'dangerous driving' according to a British court. The British Recorder in a Winchester court let 21-year-old Nicholas Whittle off the hook after he was clocked touching 150 mph in daddy's Porsche Boxster. 90 mph over the speed limit. Without insurance. :crazy: Lister threw the...
  7. ^Sparco^

    This must be the only French person you would like :thumbup:
  8. ^Sparco^

    University of Michigan Honor Code

    Probably a r3post, but here we go: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. ^Sparco^

    Renault is gonna buy Jaguar

    Ford screwed the company. Renault is gonna buy it: Renault Looking at Jaguar? According to a report in L'Expansion, a leading French business magazine, Renault is looking at the possibility of buying Jaguar. The French company has never seen satisfactory sales for its top-of-the-range...
  10. ^Sparco^

    Hot girl dancing *low WW* Hot girl :thumbup: No nudity :thumbdown:
  11. ^Sparco^

    Biologic keyboard Freak! :lol:
  12. ^Sparco^

    Problems using firefox

    In the last 2 days, I can't post new replies/new threads using Firefox. The "post reply" button has literally dissapeared!! :confused: I'm now posting with IE6 :thumbdown: Have any of you had the same problem?
  13. ^Sparco^

    I caught my parents...

    ... doing IT in the living room It was late at night (4am) and I couldn't sleep so I woke up and went to the kitchen to have something from the fridge. But I suddenly heard something in the living room and...... :eek: OMG! Worst thing is they realized I saw them :o (well Im not...
  14. ^Sparco^

    Pascal *programming help!*

    Computer gurus help me to create my 1st program in Pascal. I simply have no idea haha I have to make a program that converts a random number (given by the user) to HH:MM:SS (hours minutes seconds) The given number is the seconds :D Just write here all the codes and I will be happy :thumbup:
  15. ^Sparco^


    So I just have seen an awesome scary movie titled Fragile, a Spanish production starred by Calista Flockhart popularly known as Ally McBeal. Fragile is basically a scary movie. The whole story is placed in an old, child's hospital in England. There arrives Amy (Calista Flockhart), a very...
  16. ^Sparco^

    Banned from the forum :rolleyes:
  17. ^Sparco^

    [email protected] *video* :lol:
  18. ^Sparco^

    '05StangGT in NFSMW (pics)

    Awesome pics I like the stripes :thumbup:
  19. ^Sparco^

    Ferrari Enzo for 5,800$ 1 word: WANNABE :rolleyes: