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  1. ccasey522

    Official What's new everyone?

    Been awhile since I browsed the forums. What's new in the last year? From what I can see Wandler's house is close to complete. Geoff, are you married yet? Mike (Zim), have you stopped seeing how many beers you can drink on cam? Other than Jen, have any of the 2002-2005 folks had a kid...
  2. ccasey522

    Programmers - what source control?

    Since we had the C++ vs C# thread earlier, what source control software do you all use? I'm looking to implement VisualSVN next month and begin the process of moving all of our projects over there.
  3. ccasey522

    Sports Misery

    Some or a lot of you probably hate Bill Simmons with a passion but recently he released his top 15 tortured franchises. Here's the full article but there is a lot of extra crap like emails and stuff in it. Here's...
  4. ccasey522

    Pill poppers get in here!!!! (Sleeping aid discussion)

    Okay now that I have at least a couple peoples full attention. Anyone here use prescribed sleeping aids? I've been scared to go to the doctor about my sleeping issues but now I can see it really starting to affect my life. I can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time. I feel like **** all...
  5. ccasey522

    How often do you dine out

    I was just thinking of this because I am feeling really lazy and am probably going to find a restaurant to eat at for dinner yet again this week. Wait for poll.
  6. ccasey522

    Stained Concrete - anyone have it?

    Has anyone done a stained concrete finish in either their basement or another part of their house? I'm thinking about doing this in my living room and possibly bedroom. I live in a condo (loft style I guess is the best description) and I already have concrete floors under neither my carpet...
  7. ccasey522

    Strippers suck

    Christ I just walked 1.5 miles cuz my buddy and a stripper cock blocked me. While I may have gotten her number, **** I want to fall over from exhaustion.
  8. ccasey522

    ESPN Shows

    What sports shows do you watch on ESPN? (wait for poll)
  9. ccasey522

    More death. More cancer for Mickelson's family.

    French tennis player Mathieu Montcourt, dead Phil's mom - breast cancer New's about Mickelson's family really sucks. I want to see him back out on the course. And his...
  10. ccasey522

    Best Midwest Craft Brewery

    Some of you have had the privilege of enjoying Great Lakes Christmas Ale. The rest of their beers are great as well. And being that I live next to their brewery and almost above their restaurant, here's a poll to rig:
  11. ccasey522

    24 **spoiler***

    So with 24 back on I decided to check IMDB to see what Elisha Cuthbert has been up to. We have a bit of a wait but she'll be back!! I just hope she doesn't get kidnapped or something else unimaginative.
  12. ccasey522

    SimCity for iPhone

    Do any iPhone owners have it? This was probably one of my favorite games when I was younger and would be great for trips to the bathroom or boring meetings.
  13. ccasey522

    How eating chicken can lead to terrorism and war

    this is just bizarre (yes it is fox news shut up),2933,325352,00.html
  14. ccasey522

    Good Movies From Past 5 Years (or so)

    I haven't seen much of anything over the past 5 years or so. I recently got Netflix so any good suggestions?
  15. ccasey522

    Good cordless phones

    So my mom wants new phones for her house for Christmas. I don't have a phone and apparently CNet doesn't review them. She's looking for something possibly like this: link to best buy Any suggestions for good ones? She needs 2 additional handsets and an answering machine on it. Only...
  16. ccasey522

    Ticket Exchange from Ticketmaster

    Has anyone used this service? Do you get the extra charges refunded if you do? I am thinking about selling some tickets I bought.
  17. ccasey522

    Books on Management

    Anyone know of any good business management books? Preferably ones you've actually read.
  18. ccasey522

    I'm leaving

    For Vegas that is. Flight leaves at 12:40pm tomorrow which means I'll probably be drunk by 5pm (PST). Please don't hold any elections or revolutions until I get back. I wouldn't want to miss the fun. Later y'all.
  19. ccasey522

    Music Request

    I'm looking for a pretty obscure EP or heck even the single would do. The song is Great Escape and the band is Katie's Dimples. It was floating around awhile back labeled as DMB &/or Guster. The EP that it is off of is Come With. If anyone would happen to know where I can find this, shoot me...
  20. ccasey522

    Any SQL Server 2005 admins or developers?

    PM me or IM me (AIM: caseyPTO). I have a question about schemas and no I am not doing homework.