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    Check engine light came back on after tune?

    Why is this? Used a bama sf4/x4 I cleared all the codes and drove 50 miles and it turned back on. What could be the cause?
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    What should I do next for mods?

    Completed rear end and gears, cai, exhaust, long tubes, canned tune Next is cam. But what about after? Honestlydo you guys think i shouls buy SSM 4.3 kit for 1900 and then P1SC/D1SC? Or other way around? Supercharger and then stroker
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    What can the 3.8 split port V6 beat?

    Yes stock its slow. Mods currently are No cats, H Pipe Long tubes Mac Cat Cold Air Intake Bama SF4/X4 Tune Stock gears and open differential How much can you guess this is on RWHP? I have an auto so its 150 stock. What about with these mods?
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    Ran my V6 against my buddies' '98-'02 Accord V6

    No it was not on the street, but yeah I lost. How the hell did I lose? His car is bone stock, and if I look the Accord V6 of '98-'02 had 200 HP on the crank, while the V6 Mustang of '99-'04 had 190 HP. My car has a CAI, longtube headers, o/r h, and mac and it still lost. I figured I'd have...
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    A 4.3 stroker with a P1SC?

    I know I'm asking a lot about P1Sc lately because it is my preferable supercharger, but will that supercharger work with a 4.3 stroker kit? I really am interested in that 4.3 stroker kit because it already comes with forged internals, and it can hold 1000 hp (at least). I am planning on making...
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    Dyno tune and handheld tune

    Well I heard to get my car a dyno tune for an aftermarket camshaft you need a handheld tuner anyway. Is this true? Also how does a handheld tune really work? Would a V6 see a lot of gains with long tubes and cai?
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    Compcam 218/226 44-704-9 - Xtreme Energy™ Hydraulic Roller Tappet Camshafts This is my next thing I will buy Looks like the lifts are my question is: 1) I will be buying the valve springs, lube, valve locks, and steel retainers 2) Is it necessary to buy push rods on our V6's, or can...
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    How much HP Gain from a P1SC?

    An automatic stock v6 new edge is 150rwhp How much hp would a p1sc give on the highest boost(11)?? Is it 100-125 hp?
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    WTB: Mac Exhaust 96-04 TK7995

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    Anyone selling a GT Hood Scoop? Color: black

    I'd post in the "WTB" section, but it seems as if that section is completely dead Anyone willing to sell a '99-04 GT Hood Scoop that is black? I need one, desperately.
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    So my hood scoop flew off on the high way lol

    Now I have about (6???) holes on my hood When I buy a new hood scoop do I just drill in the scoop now because the hood already has the holes? Also, my chin spoiler is coming down also. The sides are attached, but the fronts are getting loose. What can I use to bring them back up and tighten it?
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    Flowmasters or MAC Exhaust on a '99-'04 V6?

    After installing H&R springs and they lookbeautiful thecosmetics are officially over! Now on to mods. First thing I am doing is getting a full exhaust. I have bought MAC Longtube Headers, and MAC Offroad H im stuck on a catback. Flowmasters or MAC? macs save me a bit of money and...
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    4.3 stroker or leave it at 3.8?

    I was thinking "Hey I want a set up supercharged and nitrous" but because the 3.8 can't take that much power I'd have to find forged rods and pistons + upgrading the tranny... And then I saw a 4.3 stroker kit on SSM...forged pistons, forged rods...comes with exactly what I need. With an N/A set...
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    Is it worth getting the Procharger Stage II? I decided to not go with the V8 swap and might as well just impress people with the V6 lol Anyway what do you guys think I should do to make some power off this car? I'm planning on getting: GT rear end + 4.10 gears (car is automatic) Bama Tuner +...
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    1994-1995 Mustang GT swap in New Edge V6 Mustang

    I heard the transmission from the 1994-1995 GT can bolt up directly to the 99+ Mustangs I want a V8. I know this is a V6forum but I don't want to let go of the work appearance I've done on this car, and it won't even sell for much right now. Anyway, this is what I am planning on doing: Used...
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    I don't know anything about cars

    Besides the basic maintenance, etc I am completely clueless when it comes to car. I want to be a car enthusiast. I want to know a lot about cars. I want to know what the hell people are talking about when they say "PSI" or "forged intervals", etc. I want to get into this but I feel so out of...