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  1. 19mustang95

    Ford F250 Crew Cab Lariat FX4 Diesel

    2005 Ford F-250 Powerstroke Crew Cab FX4 Lariat 181,000 miles. majority of miles were from the previous owner doing mostly cross country highway miles with a small motorcycle trailer. $18,000 8" Fab Tech Lift with Dual Stailizers 20" KMC Diesels w/Toyo Open Country 38x15.5x20 4"...
  2. 19mustang95

    Saleen Speedlines

    $500 I have a set of Saleen Speedlines for sale. 18x8.5" with the flush offset in the rears. They were originally silver, but not in good shape cosmetically, so i plastidipped them black (Some spots are peeling up). There is a little bit of curb rash, but not anything too bad. They come with...
  3. 19mustang95

    Taylor Aluminum Battery Box

    $50 Comes with the box, lid, bolts, tie-down, some wire, etc... Only thing missing from when you buy it new is the clear tube. it has a dent near the bottom, and some scratches. But it does its job well.
  4. 19mustang95

    10th Anniversary Cobra Brakes

    $350 I have a set of brakes for sale. Comes with the calipers, caliper mounts, bolts, pads, rotors, brake lines. Everything you need to swap these brakes onto any 94-04 mustang. I also have a set of spindles with extended lugs, that i'll sell for an additional $50. These are 10th Anniversary...
  5. 19mustang95

    Snake Experts

    I know everyone on here is an expert about everything, but does anyone know what kind of snake this is? Found him chilling underneath my truck a few minutes ago. Tiny little guy, but has a big attitude.
  6. 19mustang95

    Mustang Garage Cleanout

    I'm getting rid of all of my Mustang stuff. Time to clean out the garage of all the stuff i've collected over the years. I can get pictures of anything upon request, but i just went through the stuff and make a quick list. · Fox 4 cylinder front springs - $50 · Modular A/C Delete - $30 · Old...
  7. 19mustang95

    Find me this video

    So there is this video floating around about this boy and bullying and contemplating suicide...etc TdkNn3Ei-Lg There was a video of a girl in a similar way with note cards about being abused and such, but i can't find it. Any help?
  8. 19mustang95

    FS: 2001 4V Cobra Engine

    Complete engine for sale. All accessories are still on the motor: alternator, water pump, power steering, etc.. I had this motor in my 96 GT that was rear ended and totaled. I was going to swap it into a fox but have changed my mind. It is complete and ready to run. It has modified factory 01...
  9. 19mustang95

    Another Voting Thread!!!

    To all you peoples with a Facebook, can you like my homegirl's cousin's picture. 'Preciate it.. Redneck Yacht Club's Photos - RYC Calendar Girl Contest! | Facebook
  10. 19mustang95

    94-04 Convertible Styling Bar

    *Looking for Local Sales Only, Will NOT Ship* Parting out my convertible that was totaled. Next car is going to be a Fox, so I definitely don't need this anymore. It's missing one bolt, but other than that has everything needed for install (except for instructions, but they are available...
  11. 19mustang95

    Autometer Phantom Gauges

    -Autometer Phantom Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge - $100 Works great, parting out my car since it was totaled, so I dont need it anymore. Comes with everyrhing you need to install including fittings to replace the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Auto Meter 5763 - Auto Meter Phantom Analog...
  12. 19mustang95

    Centerline Telstar Drag Wheels

    Looking For a Local Sale Rears Wheels: 15x8 5.5BS 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern Front Wheels: 15x4 1.75BS 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern Rear Tires: 26x11.5x15 ET Streets - Atleast 60% tread left Front Tires: 155R15 BFGoodrich - Have maybe 500 Miles on them, Practically new Also have 1" wheel Spacers...
  13. 19mustang95

    94-04 Maximum Motorsports C/C Plates

    Used, but in good condition. Some of the black paint has come off of them, but they work perfectly. retail for $199, I'm looking to get $160.
  14. 19mustang95

    94-04 Maximum Motorsports C/C Plates

    Used, but in good condition. Some of the black paint has come off of them, but they work perfectly. retail for $199, I'm looking to get $160.
  15. 19mustang95

    Autometer Gauges, Shiftlight, MM C/C Plates

    -Autometer Phantom Digital Pro Shift Light In great condition, looks almost new. Retails for almost $200.... $100 -Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge This gauge has some nicks and scratches on it, but not terrible looking. Retails for $55.... $35 -Autometer Ultra-Lite Oil Pressure Gauge Good...
  16. 19mustang95

    My "Collection"

    So i bought another car, no motor/tranny in it yet. waiting for some odds and ends before i can put my motor out of my old Mystic before i can put it in. It is going to be basically my track car. Picking up some longer wheel studs tonight so i can put the skinnies in the front. The V6 is Josue's...
  17. 19mustang95

    Raptor Shift Light

    Black case with red LED's. One of the LED's is out, but there are like 7 or so, so it is still VERY bright. I had it hidden in my a/c vent and I could still see it very well in the daytime. They cost $105 new... $80
  18. 19mustang95

    WTB: Stock Parts

    I need an automatic shifter, radio bezel, interior door panels(holds the switches)
  19. 19mustang95

    My Crap

    Finally washed the convertible for the first time in months. It has ****ed up paint so i don't see the point in keeping it super clean. And also in the pictures is the newest addition to was seems to be a growing collection for me, most will recognize it as Latinguy7's old car. But now it is my...
  20. 19mustang95

    FS: Lakewood 70/30 Struts and 50/50 Shocks

    Had these on the Cobra, and my new car has bilsteins so i'm gonna leave them on there. these is a good package for a street/strip car. Looking for $200 + Shipping..