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  1. Justin251

    Question on 5.0 cold air intake

    I've been doing some reading and got tired of digging. I don't feel like signing up at a new forum just yet for my first question. I found a guy on craigslist with a jlt intake. Everything I find says to install the intake with a tune or it's useless. I understand that. But does...
  2. Justin251

    So this is the stable at my house now.

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  3. Justin251

    Alabama joins states petitioning to secede from U.S.

    :facepalm: This article is ****ing hilarious and the funniest part is these people are serious or at least they think they are. Alabama joins states petitioning to secede from U.S. | So many family members are "liking" this on facebook. :facepalm:
  4. Justin251

    6th Anniversary of Steve Irwin's death.

  5. Justin251


    I like it.
  6. Justin251

    What's your favorite microwave dinner?

    I like the chow mein stuff. Hungry man blows. So no hungry man bullshit in mah thread.
  7. Justin251

    f150 Edge Evolution Programmer $200

    F150 Edge Evolution programmer. Comes with dash pod, cable, pc software, and the programmer. Edge Products| Product KEY FEATURES • Gains of up to 35 HP and 50 Ft Torque • Sleek Design Stays with the Vehicle as a State-of-the-Art Display • Programs in minutes • Ships with a Custom...
  8. Justin251

    Can we have a new Pets thread?

    My boston terrier/ jack russel loves the water hose! -Csh3bwlxn4
  9. Justin251

    Is religion actually persecuted in this country? Also, Jon Stewart Also also ASS

    Discuss. No this isn't an evolution vs creationism. Is religion really persecuted in this country? I have family members who believe so and it makes my brain hurt when they say so.
  10. Justin251

    Charles Darwin *Charles Robert Darwin**FRS *(12*February 1809*– 19*April 1882) was an English*naturalist .[I] *He established that all*species *of life have descended over time from*common ancestry , and proposed thescientific theory *that this*branching...
  11. Justin251

    5 people play one guitar and cover a song

    wat lol tapatalk has limitations
  12. Justin251

    Anyone here ever work for Kimberly Clark?

    I just got a email today to set up a job interview. Operations technician Mo money
  13. Justin251

    Hanging with friends

    Come at me bro(s). Justin251a
  14. Justin251

    What did you just eat?

    My mom cooked a big crockpot full of butter beans with a whole ham in them. :) Them over rice with some rolls. Usually we have cornbread but the rolls are fine.
  15. Justin251

    Big Shrimpin'

    Tune in to the history channel if y'all wanna see some insight into the people I live around. My baby 's momma is from "da bayou" and knows most of these people personally.
  16. Justin251

    The biggest mustang ever

  17. Justin251

    Penny auctions

    Anybody done these? Like beezid. It throws a scam alarm to me.
  18. Justin251

    Need some Honda tech advice/protips

    Anyone here a Honda nerd? I gots some radiator switch and ac relay questions.
  19. Justin251

    Update on 25 dollar 60 inch hdtv

    Its a Phillips. Saw it on Craigslist and called out of curiosity because I knew the price had to be wrong. Guy told me it quit working one day and they just bought a new one because a local repair guy quoted them some outrageous price to fix it. Said he didn't know what was wrong. I got...
  20. Justin251

    Convert .ithmb files for windows

    I have a back up of photos off an old ipod that I sold. They are .ithmb. Is there a program that can convert these back to normal jpeg files that I can use? I have win7 64bit. iPhoto is apparently only available on macs. :rolleyes: