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    v2 Twin Turbo first full pass 10.6 @ 133 MPH

    Hey some of you been asking me to post up results of my New v2 TT setup, well as you all know I like 3.8L site as a site I help you guys out with your setup and your quest for more power :) So for more info. Please check out v6p or 2nd Annual DiFeo Ford Rental Pic! 10-17-08...
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    611rwhp @ 16psi Dyno Video - TMA v2 TT

    well .. I was not going to post about it here but I was ask to.. I know you all know about v6p and seen all of what I have been doing over the years .. anyways .. To learn everything about my setup.. Check out: .. (also see sig for ET.. vidz...
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    vortech SQ2 sound clip

    Vortech SQ2 sound clip of my friends Rich.. stang many have asked if the Vortech SQ is loud. You be the judge.
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    I need more

    edit reason: no answer.. :(
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    who runs this place .. I buy some stuff on the 3rd and Still Nothing yet .. what is going on!!!! I also send you guys e-mails with USPS tk# no answer from you all yet!!!! refund my money or ship the items NOW!!!
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    Englishtown Oct. 15 - track Vidz and Pics

    Me and a few SVT local Members at ETown today... I ran 110.5MPH @ 9-10psi all day, on 19" All-Season street tires with a bad VB, and badly slipping stall converter... I am going to replace both the tranny VB, and stall converter... before I do anymore runs... when I say bad .. I mean...
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    Meet Oct. 15th 10am - Westchester, NY / NJ ppl

    Just like to let you all know, a few of my SVT friends and others will be meeting up at the first gas/rest stop as you enter NJ - on the Garden State Pkwy. Any one in the NY/NJ area is welcome to join us we are going down to ETown for the 18th Annual Fords At Englishtown race/meet/show...
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    MAF cable part # on a 01+ stang

    maf/iat wire asy for late 01, 2002+ stangs 1R3Z 12B566 AA