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  1. m48xhp

    Sold Mustang, Bought Corvette...wanted to show off

    So havnt been by in a couple of months since I sold the Mustang. Great news is that I want to put in early for Best Non-Mustang of 2010! Here are the list of mods now: Body: MCM carbon fiber hood Caravaggio front bumper GM Z06 fenders Glass roof Custom black metallic paint job, 5 coats of...
  2. m48xhp

    01 v6 - only 49k miles - tons of mods - clean - $4990

    SOLD on 1/25/10 locally. ill try to check ion on you guys every now and then. ok, im done trying to make money on this car, and i just need to unload it. it has only 49,xxx miles, I am the original owner, it has thousands of dollars in mods, and is a VERY clean car that runs PERFECT! Here...
  3. m48xhp

    1996 Mustang V6 for sale ONLY $2000!!!

    Posting this for a friend that is not a member. 119k miles Will be located in College Station, TX Email yevgenievich (at) if you are interested :thumbup:
  4. m48xhp

    Possible Air Seal Leak - Ticking Noise

    This has pretty much always been there, but I want to get it fixed. It sounds like its on the passenger side. Thought for a while it was the drivetrain, but lately it is more pronounced. Sounds like an air-spitting type of sound. May an exhaust of head gasket. How can i test for this? Can i...
  5. m48xhp

    WTB: 99-04 Silver (YN) Passenger Fender & Stock Headlights & Decent set of 18" tires

    Just as title says. Fender must be right right paint code and in good condition. Headlights must be good, but can be used. Tires need to be from 245 to 275 width and have around 50% or more tread left. PM me what you got. If in Houston, I can pick up. Thanks
  6. m48xhp

    Will 94-98 v6 Brake Pads fit 99-04

    Front wheels?
  7. m48xhp

    Good shop in Houston?

    What is a good repair show in Houston I can trust not to rape me?
  8. m48xhp

    Battery? Alternator? Other?

  9. m48xhp

    Battery? Alternator? Other?

    My car sat for about a month without moving. 2 weeks ago a girl came by to drive it and the battery was dead, so I charged it and it took a few tries to get it to start. Once it did, it ran great. We drove for about 20 minutes and we got back and it wouldnt start again, battery was dead...
  10. m48xhp

    FS: Eclipse AVN7000

    Perfect Condition. All wires and manual included. $1400 shipped. ad $50 for an eclipse sirius tuner. see pic in sig.
  11. m48xhp

    Getting an 07 5.7L CrewMax Toyota Tundra

    whatdya thing? i can get it super cheap, its badass as a truck, and it runs mid 14s. a used corvette seemed a little harder on my budget, especially not having a warranty and all.
  12. m48xhp

    Need HELP before my car breaks! shaking on start.

    I got my clutch changed about 1000 miles ago or so. Before it was just rough going into gears and such. about 400 miles after that, it started doing this shaking on start from 1st. just did it a few a month later it does it on almost every start. some feel really bad. some i need to...
  13. m48xhp

    Thinking about buying a 500hp Corvette....or a new Tundra.

    So, ive been looking for a Corvette for a while now, and a guy I know is selling his and now im seriously considering buying it. heads/cam/intake/headers/bolt on engine on stock LS1 block. dynoed at 440rwhp, or 500bhp. built suspension, almost everything done to it but forged engine, stroked, or...
  14. m48xhp

    I am about to start a new job selling Toyotas

    I will probably start next week. Then I will be in the money and I can get out if this damn v6!
  15. m48xhp

    A/C Took a HUGE piss on my foot!!!!

    So, ive had the a/c drip down near my feet sometimes, no big deal... today, i take a really sharp turn pretty dang fast driving mighty spirited down a country road and TONS of water just come gushing out from under the dash. and i dont mean it started streaming, i mean a gush. id say about...
  16. m48xhp

    Last Comic Standing

    I HATE this! this show should be great, and sometimes it is... BUT, why are they allowing people that already have had comedy careers for years? if i know their name, they should not be allowed on the show. if they have already had a 30 minute special on comedy central, they should...
  17. m48xhp

    riding in neutral

    is there a problem putting the car in neutral (manual) and coasting down hills on the highway and such. then ok to put it back into gear while rolling. i roll to stops in neutral, but a guy i was riding with did it on the freeway every now and then when he came to a slight decline. i just...
  18. m48xhp

    Official NBA Finals Thread!

    San Antonio Spurs vs. Cleveland Cavaliers My Prediction: Spurs in 5.
  19. m48xhp

    Official NBA Playoffs Conference Finals Thread

    West: Spurs vs. Jazz East: Pistons vs. Cavs My Predictions: Spurs in 5 Pistons in 5 discus.
  20. m48xhp

    Battery Completely Dead?

    Ok, last Wednesday I was working on my stereo. Cause I am a retard I did it without the car on, so it drained my battery. I also wired my for light power the the radio ACC wire. I did that before and there was no problem for months. Anyway, my battery wont turn at all. It WILL turn on all the...