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    I've been on this site for over 10 years and on the staff for about 9. I've gone to meets, made videos, participated/held contests, gotten drunk on a web chat (oh god), and held discussions on all sorts of topics. But I've also had a lot of laughs like the infamous Transvestigation...
  2. Kuplex

    Easy and cheap front brake upgrade

    I did this to my 08 GT but this actually applies to all 05-14 V6s and 05-10 GTs. As we all know, the days of $300 brand new complete Cobra brake upgrades are gone. However, the standard equipment on newer/higher trim models present a good opportunity to get an upgrade on the cheap. *** All...
  3. Kuplex

    Macy Parade Highschool Musical

    Maybe I just haven't paid much attention to the parade in recent years but when did it turn into back to back to back songs?
  4. Kuplex

    Well, what do we have here? *updated with day pics*

    I seem to have made my retro a little more modern. // Edit 11/09/2013 @ 9:57p est Here are some day shots. Sorry for the non-ideal location. I'm visiting my grandpa.
  5. Kuplex

    * SOLD* 05-09 WebElectric Sequential Plug-n-Play kit

    * SOLD* 05-09 WebElectric sequential kit This is a plug-n-play kit. No splicing or soldering. Just swap your harness with your stock one. If you're wondering about the phone cord in the picture, that's part of their smart sequencing feature (explained below). You don't have to use it. It's...
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    Some new pictures of my 08

    It's been a long time since I posted any pictures so I thought I'd grab the T3 out of my desk and try to figure it out, lol. You can see where I wrapped the steering wheels spokes in charcoal leather to cover the silver spokes. These are just a couple I nabbed on the way home. It's nice...
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    3x Royal Purple 75w-140

    I've got three bottles of Royal Purple 75w-140 for sale. Never opened. $40 shipped
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    Live web chat with Kuplex and RustyRodder // edit - New link - Access code removed
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    Not much has changed in a year but here it is...

    These are still the best pics I have to date so we'll just use these as a lead off into the changes since the last pictures I took. Now on to the changes. It's dusk and wet outside but it looks like it's probably going to rain the next few days so you'll have to bare with it. Let's start...
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    So hey

    I've been gone a month. What's up?
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    Merry Christmas!

    My uncle woke me up with 6 media messages, all containing music and/or sex sounds, wonderfully reverberating through the house since my volume was maxed. Now my parents are also up. :lol: How has your day been so far? Sent via tapatalk
  12. Kuplex

    Apple development forum

    Hey guys, my company is moving towards mobile appplications (mainly been web/desktop) and while ive been diving into RIM and Android, we're starting on Apple products now. I know we've got some other programmers / IT guys here so do you know any good Apple dev support forums? Thanks. Sent via...
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    Happy Birthday Jason, Uday, and Taylor

    Happy Birthday, guys.
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    Unable to change avatar

    I'm posting this here instead of the mod board to see if anyone else is experiencing this. I cannot change my avatar. It acts like it's uploading and then says "Unable to load image" or words to that effect. I originally tried doing this though the administrator control panel (as I always do)...
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    Happy Birthday ACobb!

    Happy Birthday, Andy. Gonna have some fun tonight at the party. :taylor:
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    Hey you...

  17. Kuplex

    Annual Dragon run

    Bought a couple pictures. Still need to get my killboy picture downloaded. I'll probably get the second one blown up into a poster size to go with the one of my 04. Originals are huge, lol. Here are a couple shot by my friend Kyle before we started down The Dragon. Had a lot of fun...
  18. Kuplex

    Man vs Wild: The RPG

    Man Vs. Wild: The RPG is Today's BIG Thing in Technology - JUN 30, 2011 :taylor:
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    05-09 Mustang GT sway bars

    I replaced mine with sway bars from a 2011 Brembo package GT so I don't need my stock ones anymore. They come with all mounting hardware EXCEPT the front endlinks and bolts to attach the sway bar to the axle. The bushings are in excellent shape. Front is 34mm and rear is 20mm. Makes a great...
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    Just a few updated pictures of the car