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    lf for pic of stock v6 wheels painted black

    Title says it, ive been searching, but cannot find a single pic. Wanted to see how they look painted black W/ the lip remaining silver. Thanks alot. pic of wheels
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    Increase performance

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    mac exhaust

    i know questions about the this exhaust are asked countless times, i searched but couldent find one for my question this pertains to the MAC direct bolt on y-pipe cat back my questions are: how much louder is is then stock? and is it very loud when gunning it 0-60. thanks
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    MAC Exhaust drive-by clip ?

    are there any clips of a drive-by with a MAC flowpath setup, paticularly the y-pipe bolt on system. the reason im asking is because thats the one i want to order and im worried i wont like it. i searched but i only found vids of revving. thanks in advance
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    burn out with one tire ??

    hey im not sure if this is in the right forum (please move if not) but i have a quick, random question. I dont burn out much, just once in a while with friends, but whenever i do, afterward there is only one tread mark (the right tire). any reason why this may be?? its like im only getting...
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    SpinTech Side Exhaust on Convertible..?

    Hey, im looking into the Y-pipe SpinTech dual side exhausts and I was wondering..will they fit onto an '02 convertible? any sound clips would be nice too ;) thanks
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    Body Kit

    Hey, what is a good full body kit that isint super expensive. i know it sounds lame, but i am 17 and do not have that much cash to spend, maybe $500 after my pay check and i wanted to make my 02 convertible look alot cooler. any imput would be great. thanks (link to a site that sells it...
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    Increase performance

    this is going to sound lame, but what is the cheapest way to increase my off the line speed. My 02 mustang is currently all stock (putting in MAC catback soon). I only have about 200 to spend. thanks
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    MAC Catback question

    hey im new here and just wanted to ask a few questions. I read through the other threads and didint find an answer so heres my question: I have a 2002 Mustang Convertible, currently all stock, I want to put in a MAC Exhaust System...