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  1. J

    1st Time Mustang Owner

    Welcome to the gang! Sorry to hear about your father. Ask away if you have any questions.
  2. J

    Truck tonneau?

    What brand of 4-fold hard cover is that?
  3. J

    Truck tonneau?

    Those who are into trucks, what type of bed cover you got? Been looking at tonneau covers available but can't decide which would last for good and ease of use. Wifey likes the retractable or roll up, I'm just little hesitant with the extra space they consume so I'm looking at tri-fold ones...
  4. J

    00 Mustang window

    Have you ever figured it out? Probably just jumped out of track.
  5. J

    Looking for some Help

    The rust took over badly.
  6. J

    2010 Mustang 4.0 Horn issue!!!

    Had almost the same issue on my previous car due to bad ground.
  7. J

    2013 V6 Resonator Delete?

    Resonator delete will sure make a difference on sound, maybe check some youtube videos for sound if you like it.
  8. J

    Hi, New here. But not new to the Cyclone

    Sweet ride Rj, always like that color!
  9. J

    Chevy 3.8 sound vs. Ford 3.8 sound?

    That sounds cool, must sound better in person.
  10. J

    New to mustang

    Thank you. Yeah, seen couple of good tips around about pulley and intake. Gonna start some modding soon when the pocket allows.
  11. J

    Been trolling for awhile...

    That's one clean and sweet '98. Nice!
  12. J

    New to mustang

    Howdy people! I got a 2004 Ford Mustang Base Coupe and looking for some info. Got 170k miles on her and would like to keep her in good condition.