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  1. MyLittlePony

    1994 tail light and rear spoiler questions

    Yes 96-98 tail lamps fit, and yes the spoiler is aftermarket. Technically any spoiler on a 3.8 mustang is after market. I think there was a 3 post one that looked similar to the GTs, but that may have been a dealer add on. Many people do the tail lamp upgrade because 1) the horizontals age...
  2. MyLittlePony

    obd1 or obd2

    Sorry for the late reply, but in case you still need an answer, the 1994 3.8 V6 is OBDII while the 1994 5.0 V8 is OBDI. OBDII became standard in 1996, so some places may refuse to scan your codes, or even do specific vehicle inspections (back before the car became old enough for exemption), even...
  3. MyLittlePony


    Thats partially the problem. It makes sense that many who were members here no longer have their mustangs, and probably don’t even have any mustangs. Heck, I am rare in that I still have the same mustang I’ve owned since 1998, but it’s not a v6 anymore. No v6 mustang? No point in visiting...
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    Looks like COVID19 took out all those spam bots. Good riddance! Was surprised people did not completely give up on this forum, because I sure had. I only came back to check something. Although it looks like COVID19 took out several of you mid April. Real shame. For a minute there, I was...
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    Webcrawling spider bots. This place needs A LOT of bug spray. The real reason spam bots post on forums such as these is not to fool people like us into visiting their site. It is to capture these spiders. A search engine, such as google, will periodically send spiders to catalog everything...
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    Here’s the sad part, the WHOIS info on both and have both been made anonymous. So we have no way of contacting whoever still is registering these domains via email. They don’t need to do anything special, just deputized whoever still visits this forsaken wasteland as...
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    I forgot that was an option. But after the refresh I noticed that (at least in mobile, you’ll have multiple pages of threads, only with 0-3 threads in each one. Like pages 2 and 3 lack any content because it’s still considering those ignored threads as part of the thread count.
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    Way back in the day, I used to frequent It was so busy the place operated like a chat room! You were lucky if a thread you started remained on the same page within the first 5 minutes! Many would just reply “TTT” (to the top) to keep it on the same page or two just so people would...
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    I really hate how forums in general have gone to ****. Is it stupid Facebook that’s sucking the life out of the internet? There was once a time when there were dozen of the mustang forums that I frequented. They were EXTREMELY active. Now all have either died, been bought up/merged, and/or...
  10. MyLittlePony

    1994 Brake upgrade

    The install was done in 2008, so I honestly don't remember, but I don't think I had to do anything special. They came off an SN-95, and was installed on an SN-95. Not a whole lot of difference between the two, other than a full decade. As for the rotors, they were brand new from Ford Racing. I...
  11. MyLittlePony

    1994 Brake upgrade

    Note that the SN95 bullitt and Mach one have the exact same calipers, but have a pony instead of the word cobra. Just wanted to put that out there in case you preferred the look. Also Mach ones tend to be cheaper because people forget about the machs, and look for bullitts instead. I have 2004...
  12. MyLittlePony

    2004 Mustang with misfiring 2nd cylinder - Causes?

    If the wires and spark plugs don't fix it, try replacing the CPS. On my 94 3.8, this happened to mine in like 04. The wires and spark plugs were replaced a year or so prior. So I replaced the sensor, and the problem fixed itself.
  13. MyLittlePony

    94 V6 map light staying on

    Six gun is right. This happened to my 94 over a decade ago. It would burn the silver off the rear view mirror. One time I even burned myself accidentally touching the mirrored glass. Wouldn't've thought the bulbs would get so hot! I recall the map light issue starting around 02, and then a few...
  14. MyLittlePony

    1994 fender emblem 30th birthday ???

    My mustang has a 30th Anniversary badge, although its not factory It's actually a coin that I stuck on the flip ashtray lid They pop up every now and then on eBay, although they're pretty expensive when they do. I've been collecting 30th anniversary merchandise for over a decade now, and it...
  15. MyLittlePony

    why do people hate the v6

    lmao. ...indeed. well, actually, this thread turns 10 in August, so really, fourth grade. Unless you think this thread is advanced enough to skip 2 grades =) Either way, what are the odds that he would wake the dead? Yeah, so it took me a month to dig out of my grave. So what? Thanks a...
  16. MyLittlePony

    Whats wrong with this 2001 40r70w transmission?

    I have a friend who is having trouble with his mustang. There's only about 100k miles on it despite being a 12yo car. It knocks (once) when you slow to a stop, not during acceleration. Doesnt matter how gradual or sudden the stop is, it happens all the same. I had him try to shift manually. It...
  17. MyLittlePony

    Google+ social network details

    I still am unable to invite people. Have you had any luck yet? I honestly dont know what the big deal is. What feature did they copy from you guys? What did they copy from facebook? What did facebook copy from myspace? What did myspace copy from friendster? How is it different from this very...
  18. MyLittlePony

    Google+ social network details

    Someone invited a friend of mine yesterday morning but the link didn't work. He FWD the email to me and I couldn't get it to work either. (told me that I needed to be invited) But last night I tried the link again, and it worked! I immediately emailed my friend again, but the link no longer...
  19. MyLittlePony

    Google+ social network details

    Being a self-hating Texan sucks. Being American was the only thing I had, and you want to take that away from me. =( I still use my AOL email everyday. I'll be 29 on the 30th. And my address is 14yo! I get a lot of strange looks from people when I say "" But I shouldn't be ashamed...