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  1. roushsam

    Split Port, Windstar Intake, Injector Swap, Swap MAF?

    There are not many people that have done the 4.2 intake.I saw a wright up 10 years ago. I put one on my 99 and used the factory Maf and an aftermarket 4.2 cold air intake. It was tuned by vmp The Windstar intake is kinda famous here. If you do not want a hole in your hood get a cobra...
  2. roushsam

    Can parts off a 97 3.8 engine fit onto a 03 3.8?

    The block is the same. The 97s are single port and the 03 are split port. The is a 30 horse power gain.More air in and a power gain. Its a pain in the butt to change. Like J said intake exhaust exedra.
  3. roushsam

    2000 3.8L underdrive pulleys?

    You can buy a 01-03 pulley and cut the balancer off and add the pulley to yours. It will be obvious where to cut when you see the pulley.
  4. roushsam

    Buy a turner and ask the turner to turn off pats.

    Buy a turner and ask the turner to turn off pats.
  5. roushsam

    Help with exhaust please

    Leave the h pipe on it and put flow master 40s on it. 40s have been a popular set up on the 6s for decades.
  6. roushsam

    Antitheft no start

    If you have a tune the tuner can turn of PATS. The best way is to go to the dealership or locksmith to fix it.
  7. roushsam

    Window regulator

    Does anyone know any secrets to installing a window regulator. I have problems with the motor being too large for the top of the door. When I go to put it in or pull it out the motor and regulator get stuck. This bends the frame and stops proper alignment. Help. Please.
  8. roushsam

    P.A.T.S. gage cluster change

    Does any one know how to switch gage clusters? pics? I know a tuner can turn pats off and the cluster will work. I went to the dealership to get it programed and they are 2 days behind. I was looking for something more convenient. I would appreciate the help.