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  1. JpL4K3

    Hello 3.8 friends

    It's been quite awhile since i've logged onto this site. I've since become a father, who is currently 10 months old, and I've still been busy modding the '14 GT. Recently swapped from a 3.8" to 3.33" pulley, and added a Tial wastegate with 10psi spring. The cars final numbers are 638whp...
  2. JpL4K3

    Turbo Install

    any idea what something like this would cost to get that turbo rebuilt?
  3. JpL4K3

    Turbo Install

    I'd imagine that thing is going to smoke for a little bit due to the oil backing up. Is the turbo still leaking? I'd get that thing to a tuner to be safe. Wouldn't be a bad idea to change the oil again just to make sure all the material is out from the sand blasting.
  4. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    Been a little bit since I updated this thread, I added the Roush Chin spoiler a couple of weeks ago to finish off the front end. Not a great pic, but you get the idea; Now with the baby due in June its time to slow down on the car for awhile. I still want to eventually do a 13/14 GT500...
  5. JpL4K3

    First Mustang!

    Welcome Nathan, post some pictures of your new car when you can.
  6. JpL4K3

    2014 Mustang GT LED Foglights + Grille

    Hi Mr. Miller yes, I do.
  7. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    Heres a better picture of the front end after I had time to clean it up from all the nasty weather recently;
  8. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    Installed Roush upper and Roush lower grille delete. I will get better pictures once the car is cleaned up, weather has been awful here.
  9. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    Car made 591whp 476tq Better pictures, and epic videos coming soon.
  10. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    I'd do some research before jumping the gun on a TVS. A lot of blown coyotes with TVS kits out there, Search SVTP.
  11. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    Heres something to give you guys a wet dream tonight;
  12. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    It sure didn't. Car just turned 7,000 miles. 600whp is safe with a good tune on these new coyotes. The compression is high, so run low boost, and make sure the tune is spot on. Don't forget about the 2012 V6 I had for a short time too. lol.
  13. JpL4K3

    Clunking Noise after Lowering Suspenion

    Glad to hear you got the clunking noise taken care of. What other mods do you plan in the future?
  14. JpL4K3

    Newest photos of Blanca

    Looks good. Any plans for it?
  15. JpL4K3


    Regular 87 Octane is fine.
  16. JpL4K3

    JpL4K3 2014 Mustang GT Teaser

    The boost bug quickly bit me on this car, as I missed the feeling from my old 3.8. - Installation and Tune take place Feb 3rd & 4th at Lamotta Performance. Looking for 600whp.
  17. JpL4K3

    2014 Mustang GT LED Foglights + Grille

    Looking to sell my LED fog lights and upper grille off of my 2014 Mustang GT. Car just turned 7k miles when pulled. These look brand new. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to upgrade the front end of their 13/14 V6 car. $250.00 shipped.
  18. JpL4K3

    New to the forum. Here's my baby.

    Welcome to the forum. Not my taste in mods, but you modded it for your tastes, not mine! :crazy:
  19. JpL4K3

    Comment by 'JpL4K3' in item 'JpL4K3's 2014 Mustang GT'

    Not sure who you can get the pre-made kits from anymore. Hit up Ortiz on here, he may be making them now. Thanks for the compliments, I have no previous video editing/creating experience. Just something I usually throw together in an afternoon. ha.