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  1. 2016 Mustang V6 Coupe

    2016 Mustang V6 Coupe

  2. Jolonco

    2016 Mustang Upgrades (Starting Soon)

    Good evening all. I have a bone-stock 2016 with 87300 miles. Equip 101A with the 18" wheels, power driver's seat, fog lights, and rear lip spoiler. I'm at the point where I've just wanting to do some mods. My mod list is starting to come together, and I've got 3 areas that I want to modify...
  3. Jolonco

    Ball joints? Urgent.

    Okay, I've been searching the past year's ball joint threads. :disgust: The Problem: Squeaking from left front suspension. Simple diagnosis: Ball joint. Educated diagnosis: Ball joint, because the squeaking happens while vehicle is turning, straight driving down the road over road...
  4. Jolonco

    Tire Survey-please contribute

    Brand: Kumho Model: Ecsta SPT Size: 245/45/R17 Tire specs: Treadwear: 320 Traction: A Temperature: AA Wheel style and size: stock '94-'95 GT rims (3/6 Spoke, see profile pic) Primary use (drag, auto-x, street, snow, ect.): Summer only. God help you if you put these on in the winter...
  5. Jolonco

    MAF problem?

    Okay, so I've cleaned the MAF, still wants to idle up to about 2k at random. Sometimes it will stay there for 10 seconds, sometimes it will stay there for 3 minutes. Clutch pressed or not. So, I was shocked at how easy it was to clean the MAF. Pulled the airbox out, detached MAF sensor...
  6. Jolonco

    MAF problem?

    Okay, it's been over 2 years since I've posted. I know. I'm having a problem that surfaced this winter, and I'm not sure if it's the MAF or not. I have a 3.8 5spd and it's running very high revs when the car starts. Engine cold or warm same deal. Temps can be in the 70's or -20 F...
  7. Jolonco

    (2) - 255/45/17 Tires... Barely used.

    WHoever got those tires, you're going to like them.
  8. Jolonco

    HP Ipaq Rx1955

    Paypal okay?
  9. Jolonco

    For Sale: 99 V6 Mustang 5-Speed less than 62k miles $3900

    Got photos? e-mail me my username at gmail.
  10. Jolonco

    17"x9" Chrome '95 cobra R wheels w/ tires *PRICE LOWERED post 10*

    I am so incredibly tempted to buy... I want to buy...I shouldn't, but I really, really, really want to....darnit. Why do you internet people keep teasing me with sweet, sweet deals.
  11. Jolonco

    FS: (4) 17" Chrome 03 Cobras ...

    You should definitely post some photos. I'd be interested if the price were right.
  12. Jolonco


    I'll buy the 245/45/17's for 80 plus 30 shipping. Any patches, plugs, bubbles?
  13. Jolonco

    Why doesn't the radio work?

    You can have my stereo for $100. I'm going to get rid of my '01 stock stereo (CD/Cassette). If you want it, e-mail me @ [email protected]
  14. Jolonco

    Wanted 99-04 Mustang V6 5spd

    Any Color Okay. Just looking for 5spd. Any price below $10K. Location: Prefer midwestern states (MN, IA, ND, SD, IL, WI) but will glady consider vehicles from other states. If you have one, see one, or know someone that has one for sale, let me know. Please. Thanks! Jolonco
  15. Jolonco

    Fuel filler neck leaking.

    So here's the deal, I've recently noticed an odd gas smell coming from the rear passenger side of the vehicle. I filled up the vehicle and gas was pouring out of the fuel filler neck near the gas tank itself. My question is, does anyone know of a place I can get a cheap, but reliable (i.e...
  16. Jolonco

    A wierd noise... Help Please

    You may want to check the balance on the rear drive shaft. I had mine go bad and It sounded like the noise was coming from the front. It eventually led to the demise of my rear end. Give a it a look see and maybe it will give you some results.
  17. Jolonco

    Car gets really hot with AC on..?

    Could be an engine temp sensor. Mine went bad and caused my engine to overheat and blow my head gasket.
  18. Jolonco

    Okay. New tranny or what?

    I guess I lucked out. I've got to replace the rear diff. I got one from AAA Salvage out of Rosemount MN for $300. Includes everything hub to hub. I guess I owe it to a leak. I did check the fluid this spring and it was low. I added more and when I changed my oil (I check the rear diff fluid...
  19. Jolonco

    94 5-spd tranny

    Just checking for prices and to see who's got any idea how much they run.
  20. Jolonco

    exhaust for sale

    I'll consider them... (Bloomington resident) But two things need to happen first. I need to resume working, and I also need to get my tranny fixed. I should know in the next 10 days.