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    Any local IL, IN,WI,MI people come in here

    I am a staff member on a local club - Totalstreetcar Now not asking for everyone to leave here but if you looking for local shows or people to talk and check out cars and hang out - check us out - Welcome to Total Street Car! Always American, never domesticated! Our goal is to offer our...
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    New edge hood scoop

    do you have a pic of the hood scoop.
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    New here from 3.8 and v6p

    welcome to the site nice ride and nice girls
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    3.8 to 4.2 Swap

    I had a question i have a 99 mustang wanted to know if i could just swap the 4.2L engine with my 3.8L. Wanted to know if i could just drop it in or if i would have to use my stock block.
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    Lowering question

    i know i was just say thats my other opition. Like i said the kit i am getting is at a good price. i can't really afford a $200 right now when i have a $40,000 school loan i got to pay off and about a grand i owe snap-on. But i do know cutting a spring is bad. i think with the rear a lil higher...
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    Lowering question

    i might cut half a coil after i let it set for a while. I just wanted to know if i would need cc plates since moneys hurting and i got a good deal on the Roush Springs
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    Roush track day suspenstion... Will it work with V6

    the roush v6 lower spring drops the front 1.5" and the rear .8" thats lower the the ford c springs
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    Lowering question

    well i was looking at ford c springs and that was a .5" drop in the rear and the ROUSH is a .8" so a lil lower. and the Roush are cheaper i can get them for $110 shipped versises AM for like $170
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    Lowering question

    I am going to be getting some Roush lowering springs for my stang they are going to lower it 1.5" in the front and .8" in the rear. Wanted to know if i would need cc plates or if i will be ok since it wont be a 2" drop.
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    where is a good place for udp

    I am looking for a good place to buy a udp set a 3 piece set alt.wp. and crank.
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    Backwards MAF?

    yes it matters what way the maf is facing if you have the orgianl maf hosuing look at the top it should have a air meaning air flow that way. but if you have had it like that for a while then you got lucky. We just had a person bring there stang in after he put on a CAI and it was running...
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    Cigarette Lighter question

    i didn't pay attention to that and you weren't being a a** I can handle more then that.
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    it's not painted on. I like it for now. When i have more money the car will be repainted the same color with sliver ghost stripes so it will look better with new paint.
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    Cigarette Lighter question

    to rewire you can just tap into a power wire and a ground wire and then run it to the cigarette lighter.
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    tail light issues

    i think it's the bulb they are dual filament bulbs and that is what is causing your problem.
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    i bought the car a year ago about 6months after i got it my friends took my car and but the stripe on it. i thought it was ok but i am thinking about painting the car when i have more money
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    how do i remove the center console on a '01?

    oh ok i got info also here you go Instrument Panel — Center Finish Panel Removal and Installation All vehicles Disconnect the battery ground cable. For additional information, refer to Section 414-01. Vehicles with automatic transmission Place the selector lever in the 1 position...
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    I am thinking about getting ready of the hood scoop stripe once i get my car repainted with sliver ghost stripes. and i will if anyone has a question please feel free to ask i will try to answer.
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    Visor clip thing

    you will need a new visor. i would try to get one from a junk yard
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    Power seat

    Drummer_192 what year is your mustang and i will get the info for you from the ford book.