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  1. Jesse01V6

    03 V6 mustang power?

    Geez.... Obviously you took what I said personally. Your "low end torque" rant is also why guys with 5.0's (pushrods, not the new ones) have been stuck in the 13's and 12's for so long with H/C/I combos.... everyone is afraid of losing low end torque. Those muscle cars that are known for their...
  2. Jesse01V6

    Good or bad idea ?? (1972 2bbl 302 V8)

    If its a dirt track car then putting the 302 in it wouldn't be hard. They came with them so its not like you can't find the parts needed to do it. You could remove a bunch of wiring if you go carb'd 302. I would try to get some better heads on it and let it breath. If the 302 from the 72 only...
  3. Jesse01V6

    03 V6

    Stock plugs and stock wires all the way...... No need to waste money on gimmicky BS with the ignition on these cars. The stock coil is more than enough for most engines (modified as well) too. I would only consider changing to a different style plug with nitrous and/or forced induction.
  4. Jesse01V6

    03 V6 mustang power?

    For driving duty and street manners, low-mid range torque is great. But if you want power, and translate that into speed, below 3K rpm torque is useless IMO. Those 305 F-bodies were dogs, even the 350 ones were not all that better...... I bet most 99-04 V6's stock to stock are pretty close to...
  5. Jesse01V6

    Windstar Engine Parts Interchange Questions

    Its not the same engine. The FWD Windstar engine is make to work with a transaxle, not a T5 for a RWD engine. The cylinder heads, valvetrain and intake set-up may work, but the block itself is not correct for a Mustang.
  6. Jesse01V6

    Returning from several years back!

    Only the 01-04 have the double DIN head units. The 00 and older are the same single set-up. Also the 00 and older have the useless cup holder arrangement, the 01-04's have actually useful ones. Other differences are the 99-00 are split port without Intake Manifold Runner Control, but the...
  7. Jesse01V6

    99-03 Windstar intake Questions?

    Ah ok, yeah that one is a bit different. Its my understanding that it has been used before but the pre 99 intake seems to be a much easier option. Probably why its done so more often. Try it and tell us how it works... I would have loved to try one, but my V6 has probably been turned into...
  8. Jesse01V6

    2000 mustang interior?

    The center console, no. All you do is put them next to each other upside down and swap the wiring from yours into the 01-4 console. The header/radio panel you have to modify for the 01-04 bezel to fit and support the radio properly.
  9. Jesse01V6

    99-03 Windstar intake Questions?

    Not true..... I did it on my 01; using a GT hood scoop, you can trim the area under the scoop to clear the intake parts and there won't be any exposed opening from the top side. OP, there is an entire thread on the Windstar swap at the top of the page. I also have a write up that is on my...
  10. Jesse01V6

    2000 mustang interior?

    Not so much dress up, but update.... You can switch to the center console from a 01-04.... gives much more usable cup holders. You can also completely do the 01-04 conversion with the radio bezel/head unit as well. That takes a bit more work but looks so much better to me, and allows use of a...
  11. Jesse01V6

    mustang 3.8 headers?

    When these were still pretty new, I would say they held their own against your average import **** box. But these days, even regular compacts are packing 200+ HP, a bunch of cars come factory turbocharged, and entry level sport compacts give even V8's from the 05 and older era a tough run. By...
  12. Jesse01V6


    A tune is your best bet. Most you will gain for what you spend. Dual exhaust will make it sound better, but I wouldn't expect anything more than 10 HP from it. My 01 actually responded pretty well to a ported lower intake, but it already had duals, Windstar upper, and I added a 70mm TB at the...
  13. Jesse01V6

    mustang 3.8 headers?

    Have a plan and follow it. You have one of if not the most versatile vehicles ever made, the sky is the limit with these things. You can go broke doing anything to these cars. Be smart, have a goal and an intended purpose. You can save a lot of time and money with this method.
  14. Jesse01V6

    Basic performance upgrades for my 95 V6

    Beyond a dual exhaust conversion, gears, tune, or forced induction, there isn't much IMO thats worth doing to a single port car. Split port conversion for sure is gonna be your best option I think. You will get 40-50+ HP and it will run and drive like its stock (assuming with a tune from a...
  15. Jesse01V6

    mustang 3.8 headers?

    Gotta disagree with ya there...... the 94-98's might be mid 16 sec cars...... But my 01 5 speed went 15.6 with nothing more than dual exhaust, and all 4 cats still in place......
  16. Jesse01V6

    V6 to V8 Swap Help!

    Lots of things to consider..... What V8 are you putting in it? Modular 4.6/5.4? SBF? I'll assume its a mod motor.... Aside from the computer and wiring harness, you should have gotten the instrument cluster from the same vehicle. There will be a VIN mismatch between your V6 cluster and the GT...
  17. Jesse01V6

    Spark plugs for SSM 4.3

    At that low of compression and only a .14 difference, you won't need anything special. You would only change the plug heat range if you were using nitrous, or in a boosted situation where you would close the gap on the plugs some.
  18. Jesse01V6

    New to Mustangs. How Long do they Last?

    Not that I'm disagreeing with you in regards to maintenance and overall care on the 200K cars...... But my 01 went through some rough times and it ran very well, only actual failure was a fuel pump.... I bought it at around 80K, and around 160K I hydrolocked the engine. I thought it was done...
  19. Jesse01V6

    3.8/4.2/4.3 Header Bolts

    No reason to replace the factory studs for the headers. These aren't SBF's where the factory hardware sucks. Hit them with WD or PB before hand. The entire stud with the nut may come out as one, if the nuts are frozen to the stud, then you can gets new nuts and studs from Ford. They are cheap...
  20. Jesse01V6

    Question about batteries

    How modified is your sound system? I have two 10 in subs w/ a 1200 peak/600 rms amp for them, upgraded upper deck speakers, component door speakers w/ crossovers for my tweeters, and a mini amp powering all my door speakers. I'm not using anything special for my electrical system. I do have a...