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  1. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Ordered a steelseries H 7.1 wireless gaming headset :)
  2. domin8

    What kind of cars is everyone into these days (if any)?

    Hi everyone! It's been years and I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to say hi :) Work: 2017 Santa Fe sport ultimate Personal: 2013 GT/CS 5.0 Wife: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. domin8

    Official Video Game thread...

    I have it, but it's super repetitive.
  4. domin8

    Xbox One or Ps4?

    pc master race :)
  5. domin8

    Do you listen to the radio?

    I pretty much listen to pandora if i feel like listening to music. For the most part if i'm driving i'm listening to a podcast of some kind.
  6. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Julia and I got wendi a friend yesterday :) he's half boxer half boston terrier. Some people call them mini boxers or boxters. He's 8 weeks, and shouldn't get much bigger than 25-30 lbs. It's good because wendi is so little she's already over 1 yr old and barely 35 lbs. They get along great...
  7. domin8

    FTP and Network drive question

    my remote server is a seedbox overseas I use for torrenting on a much faster connection than I have at home. What i'm trying to do is set up my laptop to be a makeshift NAS with a 4 bay hard drive enclosure attached via e-sata. Since it's going to be installed in my home theater, I want to use...
  8. domin8

    FTP and Network drive question

    I got it working, sort of. I changed the permissions on the folder and it's able to start downloading, but anywhere from 60-90 seconds after it starts the connection drops and I even lose internet on my desktop. I'm thinking it's something with windows firewall, but filezilla has permission...
  9. domin8

    FTP and Network drive question

    Long shot, but maybe someone can help clear this up for me. I'm using a remote server to host media files and have been downloading them to my desktop via filezilla ftp. My goal is to be able to download via ftp to another network attached folder thats on my laptop. I've mounted the laptop's...
  10. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    My father in law has a F350 similar to that one there. Sick truck, tows like a beast
  11. domin8


    Anyone use one? I just paid for a cheap 10.00 a month one and i'm not getting anywhere near the speeds they're advertising :/ Anyone have a recommendation for a box for someone who occasionally would use it :)
  12. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Accessport and invidia downpipie + tune for the WRX. I'm super pumped at the power bump
  13. domin8

    American Horror Story *Spoilers Inside*

    I loved the premiere this time. last season was a little weird, and the writers knew they had to pull back a tad for this one. I think it'll take an interesting direction
  14. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    you sure could. i do all the time. fyi just bought a note 3 today
  15. domin8

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    yes you can. you can open any tab in chrome, and 'cast' it to the chromecast. I dont have speakers on my PC, but when there's a video or audio i want to hear i just cast it to my tv and watch it on the big screen. It's really cool, and my fiance uses it to stream youtube from her ipad when she...
  16. domin8

    Might be looking to buy this motorcycle in the next few days.....opinions NEEDED!!!

    I will agree here. Got me into financial issues with my first bike
  17. domin8

    Corey Haim- dead

    holy necro
  18. domin8

    2013 3.7mustang Non-keeper Fantasy Football $$ League

    My team actually isn't doing half bad! I'm beating the guy this week, all he has left is RG3 tomorrow night and i'm up 11 points with 2 players + def tomorrow. pumped
  19. domin8

    2013 3.7mustang Non-keeper Fantasy Football $$ League

    Ok I got Jordan Cameron finally, he cleared waivers. Here's my lineup, about as good as I can get going into today with who I have. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
  20. domin8

    2013 3.7mustang Non-keeper Fantasy Football $$ League

    gates is picked up already, i dropped the pats D and one of my TE's that was on the bench. i could only have a max of 2 TE on my roster. I've got cameron as conditional pickup from waivers i guess