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  1. oldfox

    Fog Light Installation sticky

    I live where there a lot of fog so my fog lights were more out need than just to be cool. (but they are pretty cool ) In the fog the lights work better if they are the only lights that are on. The headlights light up the fog and make it really tough to see anything. The fog is usually about 2...
  2. oldfox

    Stock Mach 460 Radio questions

    I have a 94 mustang with the premium sound system and I'm going to switch it over to a stock 460 system and I have a question about the wiring. In the back of the 460 radio there are 3 places to plug in the harnesses. Two of them are small sort of squar plugs. 1 is for the radio to amp Harness...
  3. oldfox

    So where do I post?

    I have a question about my stereo and aftermarket parts where should I post that?
  4. oldfox

    factory mag wheels silver spoke

  5. oldfox

    Does everyone's V6 idle rough? Injectors?

    Ok make fun,,,,,, I had a rough idle and over revved on accident it and now it is smooth at an idle. Carbon maybe?
  6. oldfox

    Noise while moving in reverse manual trans

    I would drain the trans look for parts. Then take it easy on reverse and try and make it last. just my 2 cents
  7. oldfox

    factory mag wheels silver spoke

    image 1 of 2> I can't seem to get the pictures to load right use this link to view them Mustang 17x 8 Factory mag wheels - $360 (Akron) I can ship them and keep the price at $360 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map)
  8. oldfox

    A good stash spot in my Mustang

    Ever wish you had a spot to put your wallet a little cash?
  9. oldfox

    Whfould this look ok? Or

    nfhjwss Hi,, I have a 94 that I'm fixing up a little and I was thinking of getting a 96-98 cobra hood for. But I would like to have something differnt and I was thinking of using a scoop from a Mach-1 Do you think that it would look good or silly on a SN-95? This is the car that would get...
  10. oldfox

    Trying to find these wheels

    Have you tried contacting Pro Comp? Or give Summit Racing a call and see if they carry this wheel.
  11. oldfox

    Brake problem pulling to the left

    Hi I have a 94 all stock and when I first hit my brakes it pulls to the left just for an instant then it's ok. So I know the left side is working good but what could be holding back the right side? I thinking maybe a hose collapsing on the right side maybe?
  12. oldfox

    The price of quality duel exhaust V-6

    Hi I wanted true duel exhaust for my 94 V-6. I found a stainless steel conversion kit for $199. But it was made to be a bolt on system so it went 2 into 1 and then duels. The kit came with all the hangers for the right side clamps nuts and bolts. It's 2 1/2" and the quality looked good. I...
  13. oldfox

    04 seats into a 94 ,,,Bolt in?

    Hi I have 94 base that I'm going to install new seats in and I was wondering if 04 seats would be a bolt in? No drilling? I know the electrical wiring is different but I got that covered
  14. oldfox

    CD changer & Amplifier Questions

    I got my question answered,, When it finally got here I discovered that the one black wire wasn't black at all. It had a cover over it and it is yellow. On the top picture it's the one at the top pointed to the right. I think that's my hot wire.
  15. oldfox

    brighter than stock fog light bulbs?

    I got those 50watt bulbs and hooked them up to see and they would be no good in fog. They throw the light everywhere. The stock bulbs that came in the fog lights have a flat oval pattern which is more what I need to get under the fog.
  16. oldfox

    Thunderbird supercharger for your mustang

    Check this out,,,, What do you guys make of this?
  17. oldfox

    CD changer & Amplifier Questions

    I'm going to ad a radio and cd player to my 94 model Does anyone know if the amp has it's own power supply or does it pick up the power from the main radio wiring harness? I thought for sure that it had it's own power wire Below are some pictures of what I will be working with. If you look...
  18. oldfox

    brighter than stock fog light bulbs?

    Has anyone tried out the fog light bulbs that are supposed to be brighter than stock? I live in the mountains of West Virginia at the higher altitude and fog lights serve a needed purpose. You would need to see what the fog is like sometimes to believe it. The old timers call it mountain fog...
  19. oldfox

    Fog Light Installation sticky

    I would think that would be correct. If the wires for the fog lights aren't built in the factory harness then they would be separate and should be easy to remove and reuse
  20. oldfox

    Fog Light Installation sticky

    I used the factory wires that were already there. I like the factory look Are there only certain years that have the factory wiring in place?