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    3.7L Mustang Specs

    My ride is a 2012 3.7 bone stock except for cold air intake which I had to use because the stock one would not fit in my 61 Falcon. It was dyno tuned at an elevation over 5,000 ft. and came back with 258 rear wheel hp. You gear heads in the know out there understand that equATES TO MUCH, MUCH...
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    Water pump question on the 3.7

    Failure of the head gasket will cause overheating, oi the water and so on but the 3.7L has a plastic impeller. If a part of the impeller breaks it can lodge against the cylinder wall and break it which of course would destroy the engine. The pump is easy to replace and not very expensive.
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    What engine ?

    I can only tell you my results with the 3.7L V6 that I put into my Falcon. The engine was stock except for a cold air intake. I had it dynoed in Reno Nevada at elevation of ~5000 ft. and it put out 258 rear wheel horsepower.With the lighter weight of the Falcon, acceleration is quite crisp and...
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    New Motor Mounts/Trans Mount ride is incredibly rough

    The rubber mounts absorb vibrations, the harder mounts transmit vibrations more readily . The fact that the vibration is RPM related tells me there is a balance problem and I suspect the drive line may have a bad universal joint or not be balanced sufficiently. However this would not create...
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    Cyclone 3.7 fantasy ideas/questions

    I put a N/A 3.7L into my Ford falcon. You will need the ECU, Smart Junction Box and electronic throttle. The fuel system is returnless so some thought there. I just put an intank fuel pump and one way valve and it works well. My nearly stock engine is putting out about 327 hp at +4,000 ft...
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    I have a 2012 3.7L V6 installed in my 1961 Falcon. If it fits in the Falcon, it'll fit in the Mustang. You will have to disable the PATS and you will need the battery junction box and smart junction box. Use the electrical throttle control from the donor car...fits right in and no linkage to...
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    Car won't start. Need help.

    Check the voltage to the battery while the engine is running. You should read something around 13.8 to 14.3 volts . If less than 12 volts it may be that you have burned out a diode on the alternator. In that case reduced voltage would go to the battery and the battery would slowly loose power...
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    Car won't start. Need help.

    Use your OBDII diagnostic indicator and test for error code indicating a voltage increase or decrease to the computer. I had the same problem and found that the automatic radio antenna blew the motor . This resulted in a loss of voltage to the computer. Your computer used on the 3.7L has a built...
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    1961 Falcon 3.7L Conversion MPG Results

    By the way, I did another mileage test. 35.5 MPG !!!
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    1961 Falcon 3.7L Conversion MPG Results

    I used the Aeromotive Phantom 200 in tank fuel pump number 18689
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    I've osted at picture and yes it is running. The conversion exceeded my expectations. It is a very tight fit. The mustang II must be installed and there must be a notch in the crossmember to clear. You will have to fabricate your own motor mounts. You will need a returnless fuel system...
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    The 3.7L will fit but the stock mustang shock towers will have to be eliminated and an aftermarket MustangII put in. The mustang II will, or should have, a notch in the cross brace to clear the oil pan. There should be slightly more room in the mustang than in the falcon.
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    The only thing you will need to address is to bypass the PATS (Passive Automotive Theft System) You may be able to send the ECU out or just obtain the transponder key and coil and wire those in. I was going to do that which I could have hidden for a good theft deterrent but there simply wasn't...
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    If I can post two pictures I'll show you

    If I can post two pictures I'll show you
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    3.7 Engine is DEAD!!!

    I never had the problem but I had a noisy pump and since the engine only had 6,000 miles on it, I did an internet search and found there have been some pump failures that resulted in a demolished engine. I replaced the pump as a preventative measure. Problems with the 3.7 are few and far between
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    3.7 Engine is DEAD!!!

    Never heard of it but I do know that a failure of the water pump on these engines can demolish them. The aluminum wall on the block is thin and it is my understanding that the pump failure can break into the engine and destroy it.
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    3.7 Nitrous

    There is a progressive nitrous kit available specific to the 3.7L engine.
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    3.7 to Coyote swap

    Gentlemen, you are behind times! A simple 6lb boost will get 450 hp out of the 3.7. The fastest time I've seen yet is mid 10 seconds in the 1/4. Just add a turbo to the 3.7 and surprise all the fat cats.
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    3.7 Nitrous

    Look for Super Six Motorsports..lots of stuff there