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    3:73s to 4:10 Gears

    Hi, I am running 3:73s currently and want to swap to 4:10s. Are there any bigger gains with 4:10s or should i just keep 3:73s?? Thx Mathew It is an auto
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    Cerritos California Meet

    HI, On Dec 15th we will b having a mustang meet at the Cerritos Mall off of the 605 freeway and South St. Hope you all can make it out for some mustang fun. Mathew
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    Oct 20th Mustang Meet

    Hi guys, On Oct 20th we will be having a mustang meet at the Irvine Spectrum. The meet will start around 11am. Hope to c u guys all there. Mathew
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    Signs of Chassis Degradation?

    subframe connectors r your friends.
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    WTB H&R Race Rear Springs

    Looking to see if anyone has a set of H&R race rear springs they want to get rid of. Lemme know wht you have for in 99-04 mustang coupe. Thx Mathew
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    Project: Road Race Turbo V6

    Are you already running a trans and diff cooler too?
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    Socal Mustang Meet

    HI, On JUne 22nd we will be having a mustang meet at the Irvine Spectrum if anyone would like to join. The meet will start at noontime. Hope to c you all there. Mathew
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    Rear end Noise

    I had a local diff shop install the gears and Eaton Truetrac, Many other ppl have the same issue with the Truetrac unit making a clunk noise while coasting.
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    Rear end Noise

    Hi, After 3 weeks Im getting a clunk noise when I left off the gas. Any thoughts to see what this maybe? Rear end is been completely rebuilt too. New gears LSD bearings and brake parts. Mathew
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    Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!

    Here is a pic of mine as she sits.
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    What Did You Do To Your 'Stang Today ?

    youll have ur 8.8 done in no time Reap.
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    What Did You Do To Your 'Stang Today ?

    Hey looks good Alex. Cant wait to c it in the car. It was an awesome find from yours truly LOL.
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    Project: Road Race Turbo V6

    Send ur car over to Full Tilt Boogie Racing lol. I get a little nervous to pushing the stock 4 link into a corner. Just waiting for the snapoversteer to take effect. Is it easy to exit corners on full power with the IRS.
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    Project: Road Race Turbo V6

    So there is huge difference swapping to a IRS rear then over a SRA setup.
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    Project: Road Race Turbo V6

    Are your just sticking with the IRS rear or you going back to SRA with a TA or wattslink?
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    Brakes being fixed

    Going to DOT 4 has a higher wet boiling point and will reduce brake fade on the track. And the use of brake ducting to will help reduce rotor temps too.
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    Brakes being fixed

    IM running Ford Racing DOT 3 but will try ATE DOT 4 next.
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    Brakes being fixed

    Also what about running SS lines too?? Hey Diller could I run DOT 4 in a DOT 3 master cylinder??
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    Brakes being fixed

    LOL thats good
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    Control arm noise ?

    Could it be a vibration from the DS?