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  1. Rellik

    I came back.

    :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: I know I've been gone for a while (5 years or so), but I'm glad that some of you are still around who remember me :taylor:
  2. Rellik

    I came back.

    Don't feel bad about stumbling back onto the site... Apparently it's part of our brain damage that we have.
  3. Rellik

    So who's left?

    I still own my 66, but the 98 V6 has been gone for over 5 years now.
  4. Rellik

    Game of Thrones (HBO series) official discussion

    You think viewing the show is free? Unless of course, you're either stealing HBO, HBO GO, or illegally downloading it.
  5. Rellik

    Game of Thrones (HBO series) official discussion

    I'm sure they can afford it.
  6. Rellik

    Game of Thrones (HBO series) official discussion

    Personally, I believe that a "season" should contain more than ten episodes too.
  7. Rellik

    Game of Thrones (HBO series) official discussion

    Agreed. Why they would rush to complete the book for the season for the first two years, then not complete the 3rd book with the 3rd season only means one thing, they like making money so they're stretching it out.
  8. Rellik

    High speed internet/router question

    Wait for Nikko to chime in. He's the resident expert on home wireless.
  9. Rellik


    And here I was under the impression that the last 12 years of these kinds of pointless threads were frowned upon because the undeniable fact of EVERY SINGLE ONE of them have turned into a flame war between the scientists and the religious. How silly of me. :rolleyes:
  10. Rellik


    Don't feed the troll. :wtf:
  11. Rellik

    Congrats Munky

    Congrats Jared!
  12. Rellik

    New Moderator

    Very tempting...
  13. Rellik

    3.8 Gun Thread: Post yo heat!

    I've only had one dud from Blazer bulk 22 ammo out of the 4-5000 rounds I've sent through my various rifles and pistols. But as you said, the Remington 22 blows.
  14. Rellik

    Headed to Phoenix/Scottsdale area... What to do?

    Pack up and go to another state. /Arizona and I don't get along.
  15. Rellik

    Video of "showing off your car"-legal considerations.

    I saw that Rico commented on it, but it was still moderated. I approved the thread without reading it since it didn't appear to be spam this morning. I haven't been back to the site since then, so I don't know who locked or unlocked it. Oh well. Now only Mods can tell this guy that Youtube...
  16. Rellik

    3.8 Gun Thread: Post yo heat!

    I chose a Springfield Armory... but that's just me.
  17. Rellik

    Meteor strikes in Russia

    Video of the sonic boom(s). VOLUME WARNING
  18. Rellik

    3.8 Gun Thread: Post yo heat!

    So there was a gun show in Ontario (southern Cali) today. I had a few co-workers who were nuts enough to attempt go go. They were going to be there in the parking lot for an 8AM opening time a bit early so they got a good parking spot. They get off the freeway ay 6AM, they didn't make it to...
  19. Rellik

    3.8 Gun Thread: Post yo heat!

    I also have a side by side 20 gauge from Sears. Sears was MUCH cooler back in the day.
  20. Rellik

    New Car

    Top fuel dragsters have the HP and TQ to back up their reasons for fouling and destroying spark plugs. They don't do it for the "sound".