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    How much power can a 3.8l make?

    For my Mustang installing a cold air intake, aftermarket exhaust, and a set of performance wheels and tires did the trick.
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    4.5 SVO parts

    Would love to see pics of your build. :)
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    Come chat in Discord

    What channel in Discord?
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    Hesitation under acceleration

    Hope it's just a dirty air filter.
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    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    How did you fix the issue?
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    Where Should We Spend Our Mod Money?

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    Parting out my v6 stuff. (Go fast parts)

    It's been a year. I'm not surprised if they have been sold already.
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    Where Should We Spend Our Mod Money?

    Nice set of mods. What brand of high flow cats was it?
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    Cristmas facelift...2013 GT bumper on 2011 v6. will it fit?

    Have you changed the hood?
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Just ordered a set of Toyo Tires Proxes 4 Plus from 4wheelonline. I hope it arrives this weekend.
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    Bought a "slightly used" new ride today

    It's a headturner!
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    Hello to All

    What 'Stang do you drive?
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    I messed up.... 2015 v6 mustang

    What brand are the high flow cats?
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    New Engine 4.2l Upgrade 2000 Mustang Coupe

    The Stang's looking great. What wheels and tires are those, by the way?
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    Time for Summer...

    Both are lovely.
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    Hesitation under acceleration

    Have you had it checked by a mechanic?
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    Rate the latest movies you've seen...

    Just realized that as of this June, the only movie that I have watched is Zack Snyder's Justice League. I enjoyed it, even if it lasted 4 hours.
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    Need new tires on 2011 mustang

    I'd go for performance tires.
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    I have been vaccinated with Moderna Vaccine, a month ago.
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    04 3.9 Mustang rebuild, need help.

    Same question. Any news on the rebuild?