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    cam synchronizer/sensor

    I had my 99 Mustang 3.8 rebuilt, service engine light on, running a bit off intermittently - replaced camshaft sensor, made it run much better - then occasionally service engine light would blink and it would run terribly (misfire) - mechanic insisted take it to an electrical shop to check...
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    99 Mustang engine rebuild, or remanufactured engine

    My 99 Mustang six, auto - has 192000 miles on it, runs great. maybe 10000 miles ago or a bit less, oil showed up in the coolant - Ford flushed the cooling system, replaced all oil-soaked hoses, and oil didn't reappear after a thousand miles or so. Then recently, had oil change, and again some...
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    Exhaust Manifold Gasket Questions

    I had the exhaust manifold replaced by El Cajon Ford, running great - leaves the question though, shouldn't it be easy to have the a/c drain routed away from the hot exhaust?
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    What tires should I buy?

    I went one size wider on my existing 15" wheels, and Coopers - made a big difference in handling of car -
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    3.8 fuel economy.

    What is the effect of using the under drive pulleys, and slowing down the accessories? Effect on power steering, alternator output, etc?
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    3.8 fuel economy.

    At 175,000, six and auto, I did the 100,000 mile tune up again (first one was at 80K) - original coil paks, and original wheel bearings - just replaced one exhaust manifold also for a cold "ticking" noise for a minute or so -
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    Exhaust Manifold Gasket Questions

    at 175,000, just had to have one exhaust manifold replaced, as I was getting a ticking noise when the car was cold - does normally just one side of the exhaust manifold seem to crack with this known problem, or is it likely the other manifold will crack also soon? Just did the major tune up, I...