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    the reason i bought a V6:

    OMFG DOOOD>.....I was like 2sec. awway from buying that cbr same color and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one sooo bad....ifi get my new job, i'm goign to get one!!!!!!!
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    Car IS done, new pics check it out

    that wing is ****ing disgusting you little ricer...gawwwwwwwww other than that, the car looks great.
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    18' chrome wheels

    hey guys, i want some 18' chrome wheels...let me know if you have any you are lookin' to get rid of!! thanks!
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    where buy z3 fenders

    or heres an have a ford mustang....not a ****ing bmw z3....quit ricing your car and get a ****ing life.
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    found cheap wheels

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    Black widow body kit.

    yeah...i'll have to go along with him....*COUGH**COUGH*****IN' RICER*COUGH**COUGH*
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    Rousch rear bumper insert

    and why do you have fart can exhausts on your alls stangs??? blugh....*sigh*
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    Rousch rear bumper insert

    FYI....ROUSH....NOT ROUSCH.......PAINTS the is NOT a sticker.
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    2001 Mustang

    WTF is this???? English would be nice, chief...
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    Nc Sc

    hey, i'm in greenville sc....sent you a pm ;)
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    2001 Mustang

    front bumper, side scoops, side skirts, 16" premium wheels...for sale or trade!!! - want 18' wheels..let me know!
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    Icehouse + Strippers =

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no hangover!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! my friend and i did a 12 pack and then went to the strip club and continued our journey into more alcohol...... ehehehehee...... fun fun fun then theres this stripper that hes trying to...
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    Someone WILL DIE

    yeah....i got my car broken into a while ago, busted out the passenger window and passenger quarte rpanel window, because the ugy was a ****ing ***** and couldn't get the passenger window out, and insurance paid for everything...didn't cost me a penny
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    which body kit

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    took some quik pics

    k ;) friend's dig camera sucked, so the pics don't look as is 1
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    took some quik pics

    hey guys, weather is $hitty outside and so is my friend's dig cam, but i snapped a few quick pics....i just got the saleen side scoops, roush stage III front bumper, side skirts, side exhaust and rear valances on yesterday... anyone want to see?? hehehe......:crazy:
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    i think that is the saleen one
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    New pic of the stang

    lookin' good.....think gold decals might have looked better, must still looks sweet!!!!!!!!
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    2001 Smoking Package?

    THATS WHY YOU DON'T SMOKE IN YOUR CAR AND YOU SHOULD QUIT SMOKING......I'll tell you what why are you ruining your car by smoking in it??? j/k 'cept for the last one....why ruin your interior by smoking in it?
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    Spoiler painting price

    i got my 5 post roush wing paint/install for 200.00......