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    Fully built Mustang Turbo.Mikes car has been revived.

    Is it the car in your profile pic? That one has cobra emblems?
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Loads of baby stuff. We have twin baby boys on the way. We were planning on having one more... but we are getting two now. They are expected (hopefully) mid-January.
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    Daily Discussion Thread

    2 years, been together 5 years now. We moved quickly. We have a great marriage. We have disagreements once and awhile.... but we never yell at each other. We have the same views on almost everything.
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    I must have misread it. I kept having problems with a Google advertisement popping up. So, I missed the part of his home being in Arizona and the car being there too.
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    Is it a right hand drive vehicle?
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    Official Weather Thread

    All these late night storms do not make me feel like dancing. They keep waking up my kids. Old 3.8 gif for reference of said dance.
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    99-04 Fog Light Wiring Harness

    When I had a 2001 v6 Mustang I used a kit similar to that VMP one. It was an easy install. I recommend that one. It didn’t take long at all.
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    Back In The Saddle

    Pictures? You’d be surprised how much a good clean improves a car. I good wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo and interior shine does wonders. The good thing is with our body style aging, the used parts market is full of deals.
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    Will buying a 2003 Mustang be good idea?

    Before you buy any 99-04 mustang, try to get under it and check for rust. If it was kept outside I’d for sure Check. I’ve seen a bunch of the 99-04’s rusting on the quarter panels above the tires. Physically press on the quarter panel and listen for crunching. I don’t think Ford coated the...
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    Official Weather Thread

    77* and cloudy today. A cold front came through yesterday and dipped temps.
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    Most slam | Post your pictures !

    I’m on my iPhone. I just hit that “upload a file” button and hit the full image option or whatever it says
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    Most slam | Post your pictures !

    Mines a Terminator, but the concept is the Same. I have H&R race springs, no isso’s, Factory bilstein shocks/struts. The key to getting the best low on this setup is taking off your isolators. They are useless. Your new springs will sit just fine without them.
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    I thought only the 94-95 suffered from the head gasket issue. I originally owned a 1995 3.8 and we had to swap in a 3.8 from a 1998 and drop it in. The only issue I had with my 2001 V6 when I hadn’t it was it would occasionally start up and die right away. It had 70k miles. I could keep it...
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    how it sits looks 99% percent of the time. #garagequeen
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    Official Weather Thread

    It was 89* today, a freaking storm came through and made a dust storm. There was also a funnel cloud at one point. Good ole May.
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    Split Port Swap 96 Mustang

    I ended up using the 5.0 throttle body and I had to weld the super coupe throttle cable bracket to my mustang one to make it work. I also had to weld the metal cooling line that comes out of the 1998 v6 water pump and use a “tee” to get it to miss the SC belt. It was a hassle
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    Split Port Swap 96 Mustang

    Which intake are by using? I had to custom make one by cutting up a Super Coupe ebay intake lol
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    Split Port Swap 96 Mustang

    Ahhh, nice. I was gonna say, Eaton whine is addicting.
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    2000 v6 Completed Windstar Finally!! Stock Hood!

    You’re way up there then. Lol Nice build though. I always have respect for cars that are built by the owner.