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  1. d3ko

    Sold Silvia...

    Ok guys I sold silvia:cry: I had to. But I have a bunch of parts that never had the chance to be put to use. Here ya go. Most are obo. Pictures will come later tonight after work. Shipping is on you. Enjoy. Vortech V-2 Complete Setup(used)-1000 obo Front projector headlights 125 obo...
  2. d3ko

    Face lift

    I recently came across some extra cash and I've decided to give my car a face lift. Im changing the color from silver to black, Im blacking out the head and tail lights. I want to do a front cobra bumper, gt rear, and gt hood scoop. What side skirts would look best with this?
  3. d3ko

    After market seats.

    I need new seats and Im not sure which ones will feel/fit the best. My brackets are messed up from a bad job of using them on after market seats so ill need to have new brackets as well. Any suggestions on seats? Im looking to keep it around $600.
  4. d3ko


    I scaned the car and it said misfire in cylinder one. Im assuming shanging my wires and plugs will get rid of this? what brand of each should i pick up and what should I gap them to? i have an 01 auto with 104k. thanks guys
  5. d3ko

    4.2 wish list

    So if you had a short block 4.2 what parts would you throw in it? Rods,Pistons, Cams ect. Im trying to get an idea of what to look for when building my 4.2. I will be supercharging it via vortech sc1. My goal is to run low 12's as a dd.
  6. d3ko

    Dont buy from ssstang

    SSSTANG- Just send me my parts with a tracking number and I will remove this post So it started awhile back with this thread I decided to purchase from, what I thought was, a reputable member on the forums. It turns out kyle is not. He first shipped...
  7. d3ko

    weak part of a 3.8

    Whats the weakest part of our stock bottom end?
  8. d3ko

    Middle town NY

    Is anyone from up there?
  9. d3ko

    pre 99 exhaust?

    will an exhaust made to fit 94-98 cars work on a 99-04? will an intake
  10. d3ko

    Crew name?

    Do any of you have a team you run for? what are the names. me and a few freinds are try to get a team together but need a name.
  11. d3ko

    25% udp and V1 supercharger?

    I just read in another thread that you can use a 25% udp with your V1 supercharger to get 6psi? can somebody explain how that works?
  12. d3ko

    Summit Dual Exhaust?

    Im looking for something on the cheaper side. I found this from Summit. I want use mac long tube headers with this. Dose anybody have any soundclips with this system or suggestions...
  13. d3ko

    EGR Delete

    I SEARCHED. I didnt find what I was looking for even though I know its here somewhere. I need to know what the EGR is, and if I should delete. What are the Pros and Cons of it. Im putting a V1 on so I heard I either have to mod it or delete it.
  14. d3ko

    Super charger supporting mods

    I decided to sell the turbo kit i was building in order to buy a V1 kit. what supporting mods should i use? i have 39lb injectors, what fuel pump is best? What size exhaust should I get? Gears, mayb 4.10?
  15. d3ko

    25% udp 120 plus shipping

    Yup brand new, never used 25% udp and pulley for 120 plus shipping. This is for a 01 and up
  16. d3ko

    Boost with windstar?

    Can i run the windstar upper if im boosting?
  17. d3ko

    Suspension with staggered wheels

    Will anything happen if i have 17's up front and 18's out back? If i wanted to do a drop how would I with this setup?
  18. d3ko

    Anthracite Bullitt wheels on silver?

    how would Anthracite Bullitt wheels look on a silver 01? could they be painted black?
  19. d3ko

    turbo piping

    where can somebody get a complete piping kit for a turbo? pre-welded ect... i tried to call tma but the guy said that wasnt there number anymore...also how much would it go for?
  20. d3ko

    8.8 rear end for power adders

    So i know this just came up in other threads but do I need a 8.8 rear before turboing? if so where do i get one and how do i reenforce it? I was thinking salvage yards but out of what cars can i found them.?