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    Try this. Each time you click the ball,you get another one.
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    Isaac Hayes, Dead He was found near his treadmill. RIP, Shaft.
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    Do Not Clap

    This was on the radio news... Barack Obama, the Presidential Democratic Party candidate, is for Banning all guns in America . He is considered by those who have dealt With him as a bit more than just a little self-righteous. At a recent rural elementary school assembly in EastTexas, he Asked...
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    The I Like to Change this Title Thread

    RELLIK, Why do you keep changing this post? Rather immature of you. Idiot.
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    What is a Billion?

    From an email I got today. None of this is my thinking, but it makes some sense: How many zeros in a billion? This is too true to be funny. The next time you hear a politician use the word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about whether you want the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax...
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    Dare hits a deer.

    Isn't this Dare?? Well, here's the story, I was helping my good friend Josh move into his new house, His new house didn't have a refridgerator so we swiped his landlady's fridge from his old place. After hauling it to his...
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    I think I am addicted.

    I don't want to try and be an as$ like someone else, but due to a member getting caught in an epic lie, I am on 3.8 to the point, that the last week, I have spent too much time on one thread. Nobody has flammed me in three days, a personal record. I like that, and hope it continues. But, this...
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    Do it Yourself Self Surgery

    From AOL: There are times when we feel like we could do amazing things on the spur of the moment, like reversing the earth's rotation to save Lois Lane's life. But we're not sure even we would have the cojones to plunge a steak knife into our own throats in hopes of staying alive long enough...
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    Man caught mooning a speed cam...

    Man moons speed camera, fine won't be so funny Posted May 7th 2008 12:29PM by Chris Shunk Filed under: SUVs, Etc., BMW, UK There are times in everyone's life when you have an idea that sounds brilliant when explained in the audience of friends, but in practice is "exposed" as pure idiocy. The...
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    Update XP to VISTA-FREE!

    This is how it is done:
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    Two girls, one angry German kid-->

    Two girls, one angry German kid.
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    How do spammers get accounts? Everyother day, it seems, someone spams 3.8 with mutiple items they are selling, even a recent porn site.
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    Queen of Ugly Busted
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    John Nicoletta killed.......

    GIRDWOOD, Alaska (April 12) - Colorado extreme skier John Nicoletta lost control when he tried to ski off a band of rock called the Headwall, tumbling to his death in the Subaru Freeskiing World Championships at the Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood...
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    Excellent shots!

    This guy is amazing! Must see!
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    Bikes, trucks, monster trucks, and beer....

    Who thunk this up?
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    Carrol Shelby, King of the road.

    I thought this interesting.
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    Man shoots wife installing cable.

    From AOL: You know those annoying pro-cable commercials that always talk about how awful or...
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    The wisdom of Red Green...

    The Seven Stages of Parking Stage One - You're a kid. All you have to park is your butt. Stage Two - You're a teenager and you park with a girl who has a good chance of being your future wife. Stage Three - You're married with kids and are parking a mini-van at McDonald's. Stage Four - The...