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  1. alpinstang

    Discount for 3rd Brake Light

    Could I have a discount code for the black led 3rd brake light (99-04)? Thanks.
  2. alpinstang

    My new whip

    Sorry bout the sh***y quality. Friend fails at photography. :drool:
  3. alpinstang

    8-10 Weeks?!

    So, I ordered the standard v6 cold air intake from american muscle. It was out of stock. I figured no big deal, it will be in a couple of weeks. Now I got an email that says 8-10 weeks. I'm really bummed but should have expected it. :cry::rage:
  4. alpinstang

    Clutch and Flywheel died

    Just got it back from the mechanic shop. My clutch feels a bit looser and My shifts are a lot cleaner. I can tell it picks up quicker. Sucks that it was so expensive. Has this happened to anyone else though?
  5. alpinstang

    Taillight Sequencers

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, so just being friendly. I bought this taillight mod for fifty dollars. It was very simple to install and I think the result speaks for itself. It always makes me smile when I use my turn signals or brake lights.:D Video -> My Youtube Video Just for the...