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  1. alpinstang

    Clutch Squeak

    I got a new flywheel too?
  2. alpinstang

    Who is this genius?

    sweet. I would have never ever known. :D Gotta be some dead hookers under that thing...
  3. alpinstang

    Who is this genius?

    Can you tell me how you noticed. I got the GT/V6 tell thing down, but what is different on a cobra? :p
  4. alpinstang

    Street Racing Bust in NC

    Police win. Street race fail. How'd the cops do it though? Just speed traps and snapshots? Anyway, I didn't know they could take your car for that. Can you get arrested for accelerating quickly to the posted speed limit?
  5. alpinstang

    Clutch Squeak

    hah! I laugh because this is the same noise and circumstances that I went through before my clutch died. Total cost for that was 900. :/ I Hope it's that bearing.
  6. alpinstang


    oh ****. should you put the screen back in when you install a cold air...?
  7. alpinstang

    3rd Annual Mustangs Assault the Dragon

    I'm really interested but I want my friend Tyler to come too, so I got to ask him first. If he is down then You can add 2 more mustangs to that list.
  8. alpinstang

    Ghost Hood idea

    Dig it. Do it. Take pics.
  9. alpinstang

    Window track replacement needed?

    Bump for the same problem I have. I want to fix it I'm just not sure how to get it to go back up straight.
  10. alpinstang

    Tennessee/Kentucky People

    Says it doesn't exist...
  11. alpinstang

    Rear Valance DELETE

    huh. Not sure about it... Maybe fill the crack in... then we talk.
  12. alpinstang

    Hydrogen Cells in a Mustang

    I say go for it. If it fails, you can let us know.
  13. alpinstang

    wts vortech asap!!!!!

    Do you want to accept payments or do you need a lump sum?
  14. alpinstang

    Steeda Short Throw, Diablo Tuner, Sonic Blue V6 Hood

    Damn! I forgot this existed. Did you ever call that dude?
  15. alpinstang

    I just got T-boned by a tractor-trailer in my '00 V6

    Man, That really sucks. reminds me of my crash in the sunfire. :/
  16. alpinstang

    ::Official Stereo Opinion Thread::

    Headunit: Alpine, CDA-9887, 18wx4 Front Speakers: Alpine, SPR-57C,(2-way) 2-100w RMS, 300w Peak Power Rear Speakers: Alpine, SPR-57C,(2-way) 2-100w RMS, 300w Peak Power #1 Amp: Alpine(mono channel) 1000w RMS, 1000w Peak Power, #1 Subwoofer: Alpine, SWR1242D, 12 inch, 500w RMS, 1500w Peak...
  17. alpinstang

    What do you think??

    None of those sentences (and fragments) were questions.
  18. alpinstang

    8-10 Weeks?!

    So any word on the CAI's yet? Are they coming?
  19. alpinstang

    **FEELER**Parting out 2004 mustang GT

    Dibs on passenger side window regulator and motor! PM me when the insurance comes through. of course, that is assuming it is still in working condition.
  20. alpinstang

    Steeda Short Throw, Diablo Tuner, Sonic Blue V6 Hood

    Dibs, but two questions: Is it Locked, and do you accept payments? edit: the tuner, I mean.