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  1. Jesse

    2005+ C-Pillar Scoops/TailLights/Rear Louvers

    I have several parts that fit 2005 and up mustangs, these were on my brothers 2009 Bullitt Mustang. All prices are plus shipping, but are somewhat negotiable. Black Painted C-pillar scoops $100 Factory Tail Lights $100 Lower grill insert and rear reflectors ??(i really don't know what they...
  2. Jesse

    2009 GT parts

    OK so my brother sold his 2009 Bullitt so im helping him sell his leftovers. Have the factory 18" wheels with good tires, abs rear window louvers, c-pillar scoops, factory taillights, factory crank pulley, and a few more items. Also have parts that fit a 2004 f150 fx4, light bar, bull bar...
  3. Jesse

    Stereo Guy now in TN ;-)

    So just giving anyone that wants to know the heads up, i have moved to the Cookeville TN area, so need any stereo help or just random mustang help in that area, feel free to give me a shout! Also any good shows around keep me informed im working at Innovative Audio in Cookeville so i can...
  4. Jesse

    lots of factory 04 GT parts!

    Hi guys my brother sold his 04 GT to a good friend and had held onto all the factory parts we had removed from the car, my friend now wants to get rid of these parts as they are just sitting in the way (at my store :rolleyes: ) so here's what we got if you have any questions fell free to contact...
  5. Jesse

    Mini Truckin and Sport Compact Nationals, NC July 18-20

    We are gonna have a booth and cars at the show should be tons of fun!!
  6. Jesse

    New NIN CD and its FREE!!!!! This is not spam :rolleyes:
  7. Jesse

    convert bmp to a vector file???

    Hi guys, i have a logo that i need converted to a vector file. If you dont know what a vector file is you cant help me, lol. Anyway there are lots of free convertors out there ive spent like 3 days and used about 20 of them and get any of them to work right, ive done it before but cant remember...
  8. Jesse

    Car show and SPL Competition

    Hi Guys, Appalachian Audio and the Western Carolina Stampede Mustang Club will be hosting a car show and sound competition at the Haywood County Fairgrounds in Waynesville, NC on Sat September 15th. This is a non sanctioned event, so no need to worry about points if you are a true competitor...
  9. Jesse

    Buying a house??

    So ive found a house i like, its nothing special a little 2 bedroom, i bath modular house, but its sitting on 1.2 acre so its a decent little set up, i figure im putting $500 a month into a 1 bedroom apartment i might as well be putting that into some kind of equity instead of someone back...
  10. Jesse

    Snow again

    Well its been like high 60's low 70's last few weeks then it got cold as **** 2 days ago then i woke up this morning to about 4" of snow laying on my car, i was think sob this is like April what kind of **** is that. Got a pic but cant find the cord to my camera at the moment.
  11. Jesse

    Alumni again!!!

    But its not a stang this time. Im getting the car in the morning so no pics yet, bit ill get some up asap. Its a 1994 BMW 325is, has had new cam, timing gears, exhuast, turbo pushing 12lbs boost, Q1a coilovers, 16" V3 racing wheels, was retuned and dynoed in atlanta about 2 weeks ago at 437hp...
  12. Jesse

    ebay scammer ownd (WW for ads)

    lol just saw this its great, may be a repost but funny none the less: lol scammed $477 had to pay back $5000, lmao
  13. Jesse

    Huge Mustang Show May 26th /Win a System or Edlebrock Intake

    Hi everyone, My mustang Club "Western Carolina Stampede" will be haveing a car show on Saturday May 26th, the show will be hosted by "Black Mountain Ford" in Black Mountain, NC. All our shows are for charity we donate every dime earned to a good cause. There will be classes for all mustang...
  14. Jesse

    Need help on buying a new motherboard!!!

    Hey guys, i need help asap, the motherboard in my computer went out and i use if to run my vinyl cutter are design sub boxes and tons of stuff like that for my shop so i really need it up and running. It was a HP pavillion 735n it has the AMD Athlon 2600+, 2 DDR400 256mb memory sticks and a ATI...
  15. Jesse

    Acura Lambo Doors

    Hey guys my friend has a set of lambo door hinges that where for his 2002 RSX i dont know what else they will fit possibly other acuras or hondas, so if any of you guys have one or friends drive one of these cars he is looking to get around $550 shipped for these or we can do $650 installed at...
  16. Jesse

    2004 Mach1 600hp

    Ok well due to money issues im having to sell teh Mach1. Its Comp Orange and has 28K miles on it, the car should be pushing over 600hp and has tons of money invested in it heres a parts list: DSS Rods and Pistons 9.1 ratio and Balancer Sean Hyland cams BBK Throttle Body DSS Main Girdle DSS...
  17. Jesse

    BF2, 9600XT, lots more

    Ok i am in desperate need of money so i have a list of crap for sale: Saphire (ATI) Radeon 9600Xt 256MB: Bought to play BF2 with works great, i paid like $105 plus shipping for it id like to get $50 shipped out of it, i think several people have this card and love it. BF2: $20 plus shipping...
  18. Jesse

    bad day for the mach1

  19. Jesse

    Mach 460

    Is anyone interested in a mach 460 setup this is out of my 2004 mach1, i am turing it into a show car and im replacing the stereo with all aftermarket stuff that we carry at appalachian audio where i work. It will include the 6 disc indash changer/ hu, both rear amps, rear amp rack, all for...
  20. Jesse

    15" sub and box

    I have a brand new straight from the company, Diamond Audio D3 15" subwoofer and a sealed and carpeted box for it, the sub retails for $250 from our store and sometimes more from other places, but ill let it and the box go for $150 plus shipping. I am a installer for a Diamond Dealer so if you...