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  1. 55chevlover

    Split Port Past Due

    Thanks for your reply. I may be interested in the heads you have. I have an upper and lower intake so I am good there.
  2. 55chevlover

    Split Port Past Due

    Any split port hands out there. I have a '98 3.8 that I am finally getting around to putting on the split port intake I purchased a few years ago. I know I need to get heads. A few preliminary questions as I have forgotten my research: 1. Do I need bigger injectors? 2. Do I need a cam from a...
  3. 55chevlover

    Diablo Tuner New Tunes

    I am going to need a new tune for my 3.8 after I install my Windstar intake and heads with larger injectors. Can anyone suggest how and who would be able to add a tune to my Diablo Predator tuner?
  4. 55chevlover

    Windstar ECM swap

    I plan to install a 98 Windstar Split Port (heads and intake) in my '98 Convertible. I know the injectors and I think the MAF sensor will need to come from the Windstar also. In a quick question will the '98 Windstar ECM plug into (without wiring changes) the Mustang harness. The pictures of the...
  5. 55chevlover

    collapsing upper rad hose.

    Replace your radiator cap. It's not letting the water from the overflow tank return to the system and it's pulling a vacuum on the hose. Or you may need a thermostat that has a bleed hole in it so some water is always coming in to the radiator. Not all thermostats have that feature so check it...
  6. 55chevlover

    Opinions on Chrome Valve Covers

    I bought a set of these a while back they were from Transdapt through Summit and they would not fit my heads. I think these are for a older 3.8 version. Make sure you can return them with no problem if they do not fit. I am betting they don't.
  7. 55chevlover

    '97 3.8 Roller Rocker Arms

    I have done some research on this subject and the best I came up with is a 1.73 ration rocker made by Scorpion that is $169 for a set of 12. There aren't a lot of options on these out there as they are a pedestal mount as opposed to a stud mount. Woops. Tried to send you the link but I just...