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    Next m90 swap

    Helps to know what year SC motor you have. If its a 94-95 SC motor then you are set and just use the factory parts. No matter what year SC the flywheel and clutch are fine if you want an upgrade i used a centerforce stage 1 11 1/2 clutch with 450 lbs of torque with 3.27 rear gear no problem very...
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    Head gaskets

    never had a problem with felpro using arp bolts. Running over 400rwhp and going threw alot of tuning so they have lasted alot of timing detonation. MLS are thick and i would have the deck machined to keep quench good.
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    Caster, Camber, and Toe for lowered 99 mustang cobra

    I run a lot of caster, pretty much max it out. I think im at 6.5 right now with no split. With wider tires the extra caster helps with tracking straight. Also helps with camber gain. As for camber i usaly start at .5 and check tire wear. No idea about the IRS
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    Caster Camber Plates Maximum Motorsports 94-04 (PA)

    Very few miles on them $80.00 SOLD
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    WTB H&R super race rear springs

    Just need the rears shipped to 18092 Thanks Brian [email protected]
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    Best struts for eibach prokit?

    With such soft springs you can get away with much cheaper shocks/struts. Not a fan of KYBs but they work great with the pro-kit. Same with the Tokico Blues I have had both and would say the best was KYBs in the front with Blues in the back. Bilstein HDs are way to much for the pros.
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    A4X2 EEC needed PA

    Hi, mine burned out the signal from front O2 and coulod use one very quick. Im in PA and its for my 1994, i can use a C4J2 in a pinch. If you can help let me know. Thanks Brian
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    EEC Tuner F/S

    Its still in the car, Just a little piggy back board.
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    Pro-M Universal Great for blow threw.

    The pro-m universal samples 360' and takes a more accurate sample of the air. These work great for blow threw and make tuning much simpler. 24lb calibration. $175.00 + Shipping Brian [email protected]
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    EEC Tuner F/S

    Selling my EEC-Tuner Used on my 94 stang 400rwhp 430tq 19mpg /25mpg highway. $150 + shipping Brian [email protected]
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    IAC Questions: why rpm drops slowly?

    Its in the tune. Dashpot function changes rpm drop speed.
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    sct livewire

    You can use any WB and hook up with a Firewire cable. I am using a LC1 with my LW.
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    My MP90 project

    Sorry you are probably correct, many years since i was rebuilding M-90s.
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    My MP90 project

    Thats just a Eaton series V blower, very efficent and awesome price. M-90 is more efficent in many ways over a M-112 for our motor size.
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    1995 V6 Questions

    On a US car the OBD connector is on the drivers side of the transmission tunnel under the dash ( by the drivers right leg ). I tried moving the crank sensor years ago with no change in timing, you would need to mount it on a bracket to get more adjustment out of it. Simply drilling the holes out...
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    1995 V6 Questions

    Timing is all controlled by the computer, no outside adj, For a decent scan tool i like my Autotap USB needs a laptop. It works on all cars and can datalog, i use it for tuning.
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    Tuning Advantages for a stang...

    Yes, there are so many parameters to change with an Auto and the overall improvment is far greater.
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    Advancing Timing Question

    Well im using an old EEC-Tuner using the GUI software that looks just like the SCT software. It gives you pretty much control over all the EEC tables. Looks like they are only letting you adjust one spark table like Spark RPM Scaling. That is just a multiplyer used to add or subtract timing...
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    Tuning Advantages for a stang...

    Since you have a stick car it will do alot less for you. If future mods include SC, turbo, Cam, Head work then just hold off. Not worth dyno time simple mail order would do. Im guessing at 10-15 rwhp improvment with mods.